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"Our primary task [is] to become the New Republic in fact as well as in name."
Mon Mothma[3]

The New Republic Provisional Council, colloquially known as the Rebel Alliance Senate, was the body of signatories of the Declaration of a New Republic who served as the government of the fledgling New Republic prior to the formation of the New Republic Senate. The Council was formed in 4.5 ABY from the Alliance Cabinet in a Constitutional Convention.

Around 5 ABY, the "Alliance Senate" had taken up its quarters in the Palace of the Woolamander, an ancient Massassi temple located on the fourth moon of Yavin Prime.[1] It remained mobile until the conquest of Coruscant in 6.5 ABY. Coruscant then became the capital of the New Republic and permanent seat of the New Republic Senate.

Viewed as the government that had lost Coruscant, the Provisional Council was dissolved after the conclusion of Operation Shadow Hand and replaced by a new system with a more powerful leader.[2]


NR Provisional Council

Airen Cracken reporting to the New Republic Provisional Council.

Other members of the Council have included unknown representatives of the Ithorian and Sedrian species.[4]



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