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"The primary function of the New Republic Security Force shall be the maintenance of lawful order through the elimination of all agents, foreign and domestic, seeking to undermine the lawful authority of the New Republic."
―Excerpt from the preamble of the NRSF charter[src]

The New Republic Security Force (NRSF) or New Republic Security, was the primary law enforcement and counter-intelligence agency for the New Republic government. The NRSF was formed in 7 ABY in the aftermath of the New Republic's seizure of the planet Coruscant from the Galactic Empire. It was designed to fill the role of its Imperial counterpart, the Sector Rangers, and many NRSF agents were former Sector Rangers. The NRSF was concerned primarily with maintaining civil order by investigating corruption, slavery and organized crime, capturing Imperial spies within the New Republic government, and protecting and investigating abuses of the civil rights of New Republic citizens. The NRSF continued with these functions until the New Republic was dissolved and replaced by the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances in 28 ABY.


"As the maintenance of peace can only be ensured when the rights of all sentient beings, regardless of species, origin, or philosophy, are respected, agents of the New Republic Security Force shall dedicate themselves to safeguarding those rights, and to bring to justice any and all violators, wherever they may be found."
―Excerpt from the preamble of the NRSF charter[src]
NRSF agent

An NRSF agent

The New Republic Security Force was chartered as the primary law enforcement agency within the New Republic and designed with the same function in mind as their counterpart in the Galactic Empire, the Sector Rangers. NRSF agents held dual roles as police officers, enforcing the New Republic's laws to ensure civil order, and as counter-intelligence operatives, preventing infiltration by Imperial spies and terrorists. Despite a vast territory to police and insufficient manpower, NRSF agents were some of the best police officers in the New Republic. Deeply motivated and highly trained, many were former Sector Rangers and had a vast array of skills to call upon. When working to investigation corruption, criminal syndicates, or possible Imperial activity, NRSF agents would conduct deep cover missions to discover the criminals or spies. Due to the strains on the New Republic government, NRSF agents were given limited judiciary powers should the situation demand it.[4]

In its efforts to enforce New Republic laws, the NRSF focused on maintaining general civil order by combating organized crime, slavery, and criminal corruption. They also were specifically entrusted with protecting the basic rights of New Republic citizens which in practice could involve protecting persons against anything from a crime lord's enforcers to Imperial stormtroopers. Additionally, NRSF agents would assist local police with their investigations if the criminals fled from the local jurisdiction or if the case was beyond the means of the local police to investigate properly. However, assistance and/or interference by the NRSF was not always appreciated.[4]

The second major role for the NRSF was serving as the New Republic's counter-intelligence agency. Specifically, it was to prevent the government from being infiltrated by spies from the Galactic Empire, conduct terrorist activities. In this regard, the NRSF had overlapping duties with its larger intelligence counterpart, the New Republic Intelligence Service (NRI).[4] Likewise, the NRI performed similar functions as the NRSF: tracking the activities of criminals, smugglers, and terrorists.[3] As the NRSF had significantly fewer personnel[4] and the NRI was in its early years formerly a part of the New Republic military,[3] the NRSF focused more on law enforcement actions against criminal groups[4] while the NRI worked to provide intelligence with a military focus.[3]


The New Republic Security Force had its origins in the Imperial Sector Rangers. One of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the galaxy, the Sector Rangers had been formed since the early days of the Galactic Republic and had remained little changed with the formation of the Galactic Empire.[3] In 7 ABY the New Republic captured the galactic capital planet of Coruscant, establishing itself as the dominate galactic government. While local and planetary police forces had been left largely in place, the New Republic government saw the need for a law enforcement service dedicated to enforcing its common laws. The NRSF was created with the charter of ensuring civil order by enforcing the New Republic's laws, preventing infiltration by enemy agents, and protecting the civil rights of all sentient citizens of the New Republic. Though overall politically the NRSF and the Sector Rangers were at opposite ends, the Rangers had stayed separate from the general Imperialization of the galaxy. As such, the NRSF had no qualms about accepting them into their ranks and most NRSF agents were former Sector Rangers.[3]

General Airen Cracken, Director of New Republic Intelligence, was was tasked with responsibility of forming the NRSF. He established its headquarters on Coruscant and set about organizing the new agency. It was hoped that the NRSF could help bring order to Coruscant in the absence of the dissolved Coruscant Guard, and the command structure of the Coruscant Security Force along with the Security Force's Imperial stormtrooper contingent. However, the NRSF was too young and too small to have any immediate effect.[1] Shortly after its formation, Myleena Dystra joined the NRSF. She was involved in two separate fights and was injured both times. The second incident was nearly fatal.[2] At some point, NRSF Agent Oollj was seriously injured while trying to stop the theft of Meleenium from the Qua'Tahc mines on Af'El.[6] The NRSF continued operations until the New Republic was dissolved and replaced by the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances in 28 ABY.[5]

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"New Republic Agent! You're under arrest! Throw down your weapons or I'll shoot!"
―NRSF Agent Myleena Dystra[src]

Myleena Dystra was a Human female who served as an agent with the New Republic Security Force. Born on the planet Coruscant to wealthy Coruscanti parents, Dystra grew up in the environment of palatial estates and private schools. She was placed in a Galactic Empire readjustment camp ran by COMPNOR at age thirteen. Her parents had been arrested, never to be seen again, as Alliance to Restore the Republic, or Rebel Alliance, sympathizers in the aftermath of the dissolution of the Imperial Senate. Dystra was rescued from the readjustment camp by Rebel Alliance Special Operations and placed in a foster home. Wanting to honor her parents' sacrifice, Dystra entered law enforcement for the new galactic government, the New Republic, becoming an agent with the New Republic Security Force. She quickly rose to become an effective police officer with a high arrest record. However, in her eagerness, Dystra took frequent, unnecessary risks and she was twice wounded in action.

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The New Republic Security Force first appeared in a substantial entry in Galaxy Guide 11: Criminal Organizations which was is a supplement to Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game written by Rick D. Stuart and published by West End Games in 1994. It later appeared in X-Wing: The Krytos Trap written by Michael A. Stackpole and published on October 2, 1996.



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