Soontir Fel and Wedge Antilles in New Republic dress uniform.

"Anything to stay out of dress uniform, is that it?"
Wedge Antilles and Wes Janson.[src]

The New Republic dress uniform was an official uniform worn by New Republic officers during formal occasions and gatherings. It was designed by a New Republic committee without any input from the people who would eventually wear it. As a result, many individuals simply did not care for the uniform.

It started with a black sleeveless turtleneck body stocking and boots. A V-necked white jacket that fastened at about navel level and below went over the body stocking. A rank designation in gold above the wearer's left breast was located on the red band that ran along the left hem of the garment, up over the shoulder and at an angle down the back. Finally, a gray belt over the jacket completed the outfit.

There were variations to the dress uniform, with Fleet Command using gray body stockings and Starfighter Command utilizing black. Higher-ranking officers were allowed to wear costlier and better-kept versions of their day uniforms in formal circumstances.


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