The symbol designating the New Republic Era

The New Republic era takes place between 5 ABY (one year after the Battle of Endor) and 25 ABY (the beginning of the Yuuzhan Vong War).

New Republic era[]

5 ABY[]

Glove of Darth Vader

The Glove of Darth Vader, first novel of the Jedi Prince series

c.5 ABY – c.9 ABY[]

6 ABY[]


Rogue Squadron, first novel of the X-Wing series by Michael A. Stackpole

7 ABY[]

8 ABY[]

9 ABY[]


The Thrawn Trilogy, hardcover collection of the adaptations of the novel series of the same name by Mike Baron

10 ABY[]

"One Jedi cannot conquer the dark side alone…I guess we've proved that. Together, we were a Jedi fire that outshone his evil."
"Two are more powerful than one…three are more powerful than two."
―Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

11 ABY[]

"If that great statue was any indication, Vader was a terrifying figure indeed."
"And now I stand in his place at the right hand of the Emperor himself. Nothing can stop me!"
―One of the Dark Jedi and Xecr Nist — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

Dark Empire Trilogy, a hardcover collection of the Dark Horse Comics comic book series by Tom Veitch

12 ABY[]

"Thanks to you, the weakling Jedi who scorned me will soon be erased from history, replaced by a new race of warriors; strong warriors, warriors who know that the Force is not a shield to protect the useless… but is, in reality, a weapon… to empower the worthy!"
―Desann to Kyle Katarn — (audio) Listen (file info)[3]

13 ABY[]

14 ABY[]

15 ABY[]

16 ABY[]


Before the Storm, the first novel of The Black Fleet Crisis series by Michael P. Kube-McDowell

17 ABY[]

18 ABY[]

19 ABY[]

21 ABY[]

22 ABY[]

The Golden Globe

The Golden Globe, the first novel of the Star Wars: Junior Jedi Knights series by Nancy Richardson

23 ABY[]


Heirs of the Force, the first novel of the Young Jedi Knights series

24 ABY[]

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