New Republic pilots were Defense Fleet pilots who served in the military forces of the New Republic. They fought in various conflicts from the Galactic Civil War to the conflict between the First Order and the Resistance. They piloted starfighters such as A-wings, B-wings, X-wings, Y-wings, and airspeeders such as the T-47.[5]


New Republic pilots wore flight suits accompanied by a helmet. Color variations of flight suits include blue,[6][7] orange,[8][9][10] and gray.[11] Around 9 ABY, in the early days of the New Republic, its pilots would sport orange flight suits and white K-22995 light flight helmets with blue and yellow markings and two New Republic roundels,[10] similar to the attire worn by rebel pilots during the Galactic Civil War. Eventually, pilots of the New Republic commonly wore updated blue flight suits and helmets, each marked with the Sigil of the New Republic.[6][7]

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