"I apologize. I am feeling a little distracted today."
―Mon Mothma, concerned over the rise of the New Separatist Union — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

The New Separatist Union was an ambitious[3] galactic government[1] that was formed at where the New Republic's control was rendered theoretical[3] and was founded by 5 ABY.[2] Eleven months after the Battle of Endor in that year,[4] General Si-Flachitt of the New Republic's military provided a report on border skirmishes that involved the Union at a meeting of Republic High Command officers around the time of the battle at the planet Chadawa.[5]

Later in that same year,[2] during the closing days of the Galactic Civil War between the splintering Galactic Empire and the New Republic, Republic Chancellor Mon Mothma became unsettled by the New Separatist Union's rise to power alongside the Confederacy of Corporate Systems, another growing galactic government, and the pirate-led Sovereign Latitudes of Maracavanya. Those worries preoccupied and distracted Mothma during a meeting with New Republic senators, although she conceded that her distractions might also be due to previously sustained injuries.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The New Separatist Union was first mentioned in the 2017 novel Aftermath: Empire's End, the final installment of author Chuck Wendig's Star Wars: The Aftermath Trilogy.[1]



Notes and references[]

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