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"New Year's Hothin' Eve" is a non-canon animated LEGO short that aired online on December 29, 2021 as part of the LEGO STAR WARS: Celebrate the Season webseries.

Official description[]

Luke Skywalker zooms into battle to take on stomping AT-ATs on snowy Hoth as the clock counts down to a celebration.[1]

Plot summary[]

Several AT-AT walkers march through the snowy wastes of Hoth while Snowtroopers in winter gear charge on their 74-Z speeder bikes. Aboard one of the AT-AT walkers, General Maximilian Veers and his troops throw a New Year's party inside the passenger compartment. He joins the AT-AT pilots in the cockpit. Using macrobinoculars, they discover several rebels including Luke Skywalker outside the gate of Echo Base.

With two minutes to the New Year countdown, General Veers orders his AT-AT walkers to attack the rebel base, causing the rebels to rally into action. Skywalker and another pilot climb aboard their snowspeeders. Rebel snowspeeders fly towards the advancing Imperial phalanx. Luke's snowspeeder fires several blasts near an Imperial speeder bike, causing the rider to fall off. His fall triggers a snowball that topples several other speeder bikes.

The snowspeeders fly rings around the Imperials, causing one of the AT-AT walkers to shoot an AT-ST walker in a friendly fire incident. The AT-ST driver scowls in rage. Skywalker then wraps his snowspeeder's tow cable around an AT-AT walker, causing it to fall facefirst into the snow. Veers is enraged while the rebels including Princess Leia Organa, Han Solo, Chewbacca and C-3PO cheer.

With one minute to the New Year countdown, Veers orders a second attack. Rebel snowspeeders knock out another AT-AT walker by blasting off its head. Veers is enraged and takes over the controls of his walker. He manages to shoot down Skywalker's snowspeeder. However, Skywalker uses a grappling gun to scale the AT-AT walker and slices a hole through the bottom of the vehicle. Both the rebels and Imperials watch with anticipation. Skywalker hurls a detonator inside. This creates an explosion that destroys the AT-AT walker.

The rebels celebrate their victory and are joined by a mother wampa and her child. Veers stumbles in the snow.


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