The Nicandra system was located in the Nicandra sector,[1] a part of the New Territories portion of[2] the Mid Rim.[1] It was linked via hyperlanes to the Ilimardon system as well as the Ylix system in the M'shinni sector and the Mapuzo and Tartaglia systems of the Hollan sector.[3] The Nicandra system shared its name with the Nicandra Plaza and the Nicandra Counterrevolutionary Signalmen's Memorial Building, both located on the Core Worlds planet Coruscant.[4]

By 12 ABY, the system fell within the borders of the New Republic. That year, the New Republic dispatched the fleet carrier Endurance to fight against the forces of the Imperial Remnant. To that end, the Endurance traveled from the Mapuzo system to the Ilimardon system, passing through the Nicandra system in the process.[3]

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The Nicandra system was first mentioned in the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas, written by Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry, which placed it in grid square M-7.[2]

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