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"He doesn't remember dying, Luke. He doesn't remember a switchover of any kind. And as much as I love…Nichos…as much as he loves me…I keep coming back to that. It isn't Nichos. He isn't human. He tries to be, and he wants to be, but flesh and bone have a logic of their own, Luke, and machinery just doesn't think the same way."
―Cray Mingla, to Luke Skywalker[src]

When the Jedi Nichos Marr was stricken with the deadly Quannot's Syndrome, his lover Cray Mingla attempted to transfer his life essence into a droid body using forbidden Ssi-ruuk technology. The body had Human eyes, as well as hands molded by the techs at the biomedical institute on Coruscant. Unfortunately, as Mingla and Jedi Master Luke Skywalker determined later, Nichos's actual spirit and consciousness were not transferred. He was then merely a droid programmed to be like Nichos. Nichos, the droid, died aboard the asteroid-size dreadnought Eye of Palpatine alongside Mingla (who gave over her body to the then spiritual Callista Ming), when he ran through a defense system which destroyed much of his droid body's systems, giving his life so Skywalker, and all of the inhabitants of the targeted planet Belsavis, might live.

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