Niclara Varnillian was a female Human and Alderaanian who joined the Imperial Navy. She was part of the operations crew that tested the Death Star superlaser on the planet Alderaan. The destruction of her homeworld did not affect her in the least. Prior to the Battle of Yavin, she was transferred to the Imperial Star Destroyer Pulsar to serve as chief gunnery officer under Commander Dor Reder.

While on leave on Ord Mantell, Varnillian identified a pair of Rebel operatives, but she botched the mission to capture them, resulting in several Imperial soldier fatalities. She was demoted, but remained aboard the Pulsar until the Battle of Endor.

After the Pulsar surrendered, Varnillian and a group of Imperial troops were able to steal a Rebel transport and escape. She was last known to have led a group of Imperial military vessels in attacks on New Republic installations throughout the Outer Rim Territories.


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