"Everyone has secrets—even her. And secrets are power…"
―Nieve Gromia[src]

Nieve Gromia was a female Human Moff who had been placed in charge of the Arkanis sector and tasked to eliminate the pirates preying on Imperial shipments during the Second Imperial Civil War.


"If you had better skills in managing your staff, perhaps you would still be on Coruscant."
―Nyna Calixte[src]

Originally holding a high-level post on Coruscant, the capital world of the Empire, Nieve Gromia was assigned as the Moff of the Arkanis sector following a corruption scandal that involved her staff. She avoided arrest by placing the blame on a subordinate officer who, conveniently enough for Gromia, had apparently committed suicide. However, Gromia came to resent being sent to such a backwater position and blamed fellow Moff Nyna Calixte, whom she considered had sent her to Tatooine to further her own career.

After a series of failures on Gromia's part to stop the constant pirate attacks from Black Sun to Imperial convoys, Director of Imperial Intelligence Calixte informed Gromia that she was sending two agents to help her deal with the threat. The agents turned out to be Calixte's own daughter Gunn Yage and Morrigan Corde.

Yage arrived first on Imperial Station Bravo, Gromia's headquarters and the former palace of Gardulla the Hutt. There Yage was briefed by Gromia that the person responsible for the attacks was going by the name of Luke Skywalker, in which Yage informed Gromia that the true culprit was Cade Skywalker, not Luke. Afterward, Moff Gromia provided Yage with civilian clothings and a X-34 landspeeder to aid in her infiltration of Mos Eisley.

Soon after the meeting, Gromia retired to her living quarters where she contacted the Black Sun Vigo Lun Rask, whom she secretly had an arrangement with. Together they plotted to kill Cade and Yage on Tatooine, with Rask supplying three assassins; a Blood Carver named Ku Vrat, and an Anzati married couple named Sint and Nakia Yoru.

Skywalker and Yage, however, managed to defeat all three assassins and rendezvous with Agent Corde. Corde informed Yage of Gromia's former charges and sent back to Gromia's quarters. Yage tried to take Gromia under arrest, and Gromia revealed that she gathered proof that Morrigan Corde and Nyna Calixte were the same person, though Yage did not believe her. Unwilling to go to prison, Gromia killed herself by accident during the confrontation with Yage. With her last breath, she urged agent Yage to use the information to ruin her mother.

Personality and traits[]

"If the Empire is going to pass me over and stick me out in this desolate place—if it's going to show me no loyalty—then I have no qualms about using my position to better myself."
―Nieve Gromia[src]

Nieve Gromia plots the deaths of Cade Skywalker and Gunn Yage.

Unlike other Moffs and Imperial officers who served the Empire out of a sense of tradition or loyalty to its ideals of order, Nieve Gromia sought her personal benefit above all else. Some of her peers suspected she had a subordinate eliminated and used as a scapegoat when faced with a corruption scandal. Bitter about being relegated to a desolate place as Tatooine, she gathered information about Nyna Calixte in an effort to exact revenge and ruin her career. Likewise, resentful against the Empire itself, she had no qualms about aiding the criminals and pirates of Black Sun in order to increase her wealth. Like several of her fellow Moffs, Gromia was adept at manipulation and backstabbing, going as far as plotting assassinations to further her personal agendas.

Gromia also had expensive tastes, enjoying luxuries such as fountains and statues as well as exotic birds and plants, all of which she kept in her private rooms within Station Bravo.

Behind the scenes[]

According to artist Jan Duursema, Gromia's first name, Nieve, is Spanish for "snow" which is "descriptive of her cold personality."[1]


Notes and references[]

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