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The Night Buzzard was a modified Oubliette-class transport used by the Knights of Ren. Originally a dungeon ship on Osseriton, a penal world in the Unknown Regions, the vessel was liberated by the Knights during a raid on the planet alongside many prisoners, becoming the home and transport for the Knights.[1]

The Knights made several alterations to the Night Buzzard to better suit their tastes, such as altering the vessel's appearance to match their dark side aesthetic. The vessel's engines were also crudely modified to generate more thrust, although this took a toll on the insulation baffles, causing the Buzzard to spew noxious gas as it flew. It was well armed, with a forward laser cannon turret, a mid ship laser cannon turret, a rear heavy laser cannon turret, and rear-facing fixed laser cannons. The Knight Kuruk served as the pilot of the heavily armed ship.[1]


The Knights of Ren used the Night Buzzard to travel to Pasaana, where they captured an unsuspecting Chewbacca. They then followed Resistance members Rey, Poe Dameron, Finn, BB-8, and C-3PO to Kijimi, where they alerted their master, Kylo Ren. They were then called to Exegol, where the Knights were killed by their former leader, now redeemed as Ben Solo.[2]


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