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Night goggles (also called night vision goggles) were a type of goggles that granted the wearer improved vision during the night and in low visibility conditions. The night goggles enhanced the view by tenfold and brightened everything the user saw in an eerie green glow. They also distorted all colors the user saw to varying shades of green. When not in use by the user, they were usually clipped to the users utility belt. A sudden flash of brightness was known to overload night goggles and temporarily blind the user.

They were often worn by soldiers in the field. The Sith Lord Scourge once used a pair during his mission on Hallion.

Behind the scenesEdit

Night goggles first appeared withing Michael Horne's adventure For a Few Kilotons More, which was published as part of the book Twin Stars of Kira in 1993.



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