"There isn't much vegetation here—a few spinebarrels in the shadows and maybe a nightbloomer where a bit of dirt's piled up in cracks in the rocks."
―Rey describes the vegetation of the Goazon Badlands in her survival guide[src]

Nightbloomers were a type of vegetation which could occasionally be found in the Goazon Badlands region of the desert planet Jakku. They produced rind and flowers known as nightblossoms. Alongside spinebarrels, they were one of the only plants that could survive in the area, and could be found growing out of dirt that had gathered in cracked rocks. Members of the Teedo species brought supplies including nightbloomer rind, spinebarrel flesh and water to the individual known as the Sitter while he sat atop his pillar in the Badlands, which allowed him to survive. The scavenger Rey collected nightblossoms and other flowers to display in her home in order to remind herself that there was beauty even on Jakku as long as you looked hard enough. She wrote about the plants in a survival guide she compiled[1] around thirty years after the Battle of Endor.[2]

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