Nightsaber is a mini adventure for any era, published on the Wizards of the Coast website. It was written by JD Wiker and published on November 20, 2003. It followed the mini adventure Rebel Jedi.

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It's hard enough to capture a rogue Jedi out to end the Galactic Civil War single-handedly. But when the heroes wind up on Dathomir, a world in the grip of an Imperial plot, the sith really does hit the fan. This Star Wars Roleplaying Game mini adventure can be played on its own or as a sequel to last month's "Rebel Jedi."

"Nightsaber" is intended for four player characters of 15th level, set about 12 years after the Battle of Yavin. The heroes should be at least sympathetic to the New Republic, but they don't need to be actual Rebels. The adventure assumes that the heroes would be concerned about an escaped rogue Jedi -- concerned enough to visit the world of Dathomir to apprehend him.


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Gilad Pellaeon is incorrectly described as a Grand Admiral although he is still an admiral in The Hand of Thrawn Duology, seven years later.

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