The Nightshrike was a nocturnal, winged, clawed, bat-like, carnivorous species native to the rainforests of Monastery. They were a semi-sentient race of predators with a wingspan of two and a half meters in length.

Being nocturnal creatures, nightshrikes usually attacked at night, although they occasionally ventured out during the day. Their low tolerance for sunlight was compensated for by superb nightvision.

A nightshrike usually hit their prey with their razor-sharp talons before finishing them off with their huge fangs.

When Luke Skywalker accompanied Domina Tagge back to Monastery on a diplomatic mission, he had an encounter with a nightshrike, which he killed with his lightsaber.The creature attacked during the day and it was later revealed that Domina had manipulated the creature into attacking Luke to embarrass him before the Order of the Sacred Circle.

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