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The Nightsisters,[2] a group of Force-sensitive women who lived on the planet Dathomir,[4] wore a type of armor. Consisting of a distinctive metal breastplate,[2] the personal armor[1] was used as bodily protection.[3] Such breastplates were segmented and secured by laces attached at the wearer's back.[1] It was often worn in conjunction with a black grafiform robe and a feathered cape.[2]

Sister Charal,[1] a Nightsister[5] who was stranded on the Forest Moon of Endor about a century before the Galactic Civil War,[6] wore such a set of armor. Whenever Charal shapeshifted into a raven using the artifact known as the Talisman of the Raven, her armor disappeared until she transformed back into Human form.[1] In 3.5 ABY,[7] the Ewok Wicket Wystri Warrick destroyed Charal's talisman by shooting it with an arrow, and the Nightsister was permanently turned into a raven, leading to a final disappearance of her set of armor, as well.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Nightsister armor first appeared in the 1985 television film Ewoks: The Battle for Endor.[1] Its design was developed by director and artist Joe Johnston.[6] Contrary to its original depiction as a segmented armor set,[1] the 2003 Sony Online Entertainment video game, Star Wars Galaxies, depicted Charal's armor as a single plate of metal adorned with mystical carvings.[5]


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