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Nightsister energy bows were ranged weapons used by the Nightsisters of Dathomir.


These unique weapons were used by the Nightsisters, witches of the dark side in the waning days of the Old Republic. The bowstrings and arrows of the weapon were made of pure plasma,[1] and emitted a bright pink glow. In the middle of the bowstring was a grip, so that the weapon could be fired without harming the user.[2] When running out of plasma arrows, the string could be used as a bludgeon, to blind or burn the enemy.[1]


A Hunter with energy bow at the ready

During the Clone Wars, some of the Sisters under the command of Clan Mother Talzin used these energy bows.[2] They were known as the Hunters, a group of special agents clad in red whose task was to follow blood trails.[1]

For every ten credits a Hunter could earn as a mercenary, nine were donated to the clan, in order to continue outfitting them properly with energy bows.[1]

The skills of a Hunter with her bow was considered to have capital influence on spreading the reputation of the Dathomiri witches. This is why Talzin recommended instructing her Sisters about using this specialty weapon in her manual Wild Power.[1]

Many years later, after the instauration of the New Republic, the energy bows had become extremely rare and exotic weapons—according to Master Luke Skywalker of the New Jedi Order, who had spent a lot of time on Dathomir.[1]

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At Celebration V, Dave Filoni stated that this weapon was inspired by the magical bow used in the 80's children's television series Dungeons and Dragons.



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