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The Nightsister fortress on Dathomir was the settlement of the Nightsisters, led by Mother Talzin, during the Clone Wars. It was the home to Dathomirian assassin Asajj Ventress.


After Count Dooku's assassination attempt on her failed, Asajj Ventress fled to her home planet of Dathomir. When she arrived, she was transported to Talzin's village and received treatment from the Nightsisters.

Shortly afterward, Dooku himself arrived at the village at the behest of Talzin, who had offered to provide him with a new Sith apprentice. However, this was only part of a plot concocted against the Count by Ventress and Talzin. Once Dooku and Talzin finished deliberating, the Sith Lord departed the village and Ventress immediately set out to find his new "apprentice" and would-be assassin. She returned to the village with Savage Opress, who was ritualistically transformed into a monstrous warrior by the magicks of Talzin and her Nightsisters. Savage's brother, Feral, was also brought to the village to test Savage's loyalty and the Nightsisters' control over him: he had to kill his own kin. Savage coldly complied without question, strangling Feral to death. Savage was then handed over to Dooku shortly afterward in the hopes that he would assist Ventress in her plot to exact revenge upon the Count for his betrayal.

After the plot to assassinate Dooku failed, a battered Savage returned to the village to seek Talzin's guidance. She revealed to him that he had a long lost brother, Darth Maul, lurking in the Outer Rim. Talzin provided Oppress with the magical Talisman of Finding, which would guide him to his brother. Savage vowed to return and set out to find his mysterious brother.

Ventress eventually returned to the village to seek shelter with her fellow Nightsisters and was ceremoniously initiated into the clan. The witches celebrated the "rebirth" of their new sister, but the celebration was short-lived; Count Dooku had dispatched the fearsome Kaleesh cyborg, Grievous, and his battle droid forces to Dathomir in order to eliminate Ventress, Talzin and the Nightsisters. Despite the best efforts of the Nightsisters, Grievous and his forces outmatched the witches and stormed the village, exterminating all who presided there. Only Ventress and Talzin escaped the massacre. The once safe haven of the Nightsisters was left in ruin.

Following the extermination of the Nightsisters, Savage Opress returned to Dathomir with Maul, his long forgotten brother. However the former Sith Lord was only a shadow of his former self; his body and mind were broken after his fateful duel with the Jedi Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi, over a decade ago. Talzin, who had lived in solitude since the Separatist attack, revealed herself to the brothers and lead them into the ruined village. Once there, Talzin used her magicks to restore Maul's mind and rejuvenate his frail body, replacing his crudely-formed arachnid-like appendages with sleek mechanical legs. Her work finished, Talzin vanished once more and the Nightbrothers set out on a quest for revenge.



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