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The Nihilist was a Providence-class carrier/destroyer used as a flagship by the Commerce Guild-allied Trandoshan forces that occupied Felucia in preparation for an attack on Coruscant. The Nihilist was destroyed when two Jedi Padawans successfully raided it with the intent of rescuing their Master, Mavra Zane, who had been captured on Kashyyyk. Together the Jedi destroyed the ship's main reactor. They managed to escape, but their starship crashed onto Felucia.


Its hangar was protected by deflector shields, and if breached, a door would close on it. Sector 7G was accessible from an elevator in the hangar, and it was a restricted area. The main reactor was on Level 1138, and a claw fed energy into the reactor. It could be destroyed by overloading it.

The prison level had several cells, and had a walkway leading to the central area.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The Nihilist appears in the Jedi Destiny portion of the 2012 Kinect-exclusive video game Kinect Star Wars.


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