"Your people will die for this. Not just you. Not just your pitiable fleet. All the Chiss. The Ascendancy will die, shredded like grain, ground down like stone, burned like withered grass. Every last cub will die…and you will die here and now, with the certain knowledge that you and you alone were the root and cause of their destruction."
"All because I cost you your foothold on Primea? Come now, General. You merely need to step away and start over. But I suggest you choose a different part of the Chaos for your next attempt. This region will no longer accept your smiles and promises."
―General Yiv and Senior Captain Thrawn[src]

The Nikardun conquests were a campaign orchestrated by General Yiv of the Nikardun Destiny in an attempt to conquer various governments of the Unknown Regions. Yiv was successful in subjugating or otherwise making allies of several factions, but the involvement of the Chiss Ascendancy driven by Senior Captain Mitth'raw'nuruodo hindered Yiv's manipulations.[1]

After a Nikardun attack on a refugee starship in Chiss territory, Captain Thrawn began to investigate the situation with the help of Admiral Ar'alani, discovering forces of the Nikardun Destiny in the Rapacc system. Throughout several encounters with Nikardun forces or their allies, Thrawn gained information about General Yiv and his regime, managing to outmaneuver the Nikardun in a battle near the Vak homeworld of Primea. Thrawn captured Yiv, who became a prisoner of the Chiss Ascendancy. Following Yiv's disappearance, the Nikardun conquests fell apart, with no successor able to repair the damage Thrawn had done to their campaign.[1]

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