"Hold on, little fella… don't blow your top yet!"
―Nikki Idd inserts an energy shield into a malfunctioning R2-D2[1]

Nikki Idd was a Human female who in her youth worked for her father, the droid designer Lonn Idd, aboard his droid repair space station. After picking up a group of broken droids from the planet Dodz at some point between 19 and 15 BBY, Idd and her brother, Vik, became the temporary masters of the protocol droid C-3PO and the astromech droid R2-D2. Upon their return to the station, Idd discovered that her father was being held hostage by the Annoo-dat Blue gangster Tig Fromm, who forced Lonn to install a powerful laser on his starship in exchange for Idd's safety. An initial attempt by Vik and the two droids to rescue her was thwarted by a Fromm Gang hover guard, but C-3PO afterward attacked the gangsters while disguised as an ancient guardian droid. Idd aided the protocol droid's efforts by spraying Fromm in the face with perfume, and Vik was able to ensnare the outmatched gangsters in a packing net. The Idd siblings then transported C-3PO and R2-D2 to the nearest Intergalactic Droid Agency outpost.


"Vik! You got my signal!"
"Loud and clear, sis. Come on!!"
"Right behind you, bro…"
―Nikki and Vik Idd[1]

Nikki Idd prepares to kick her captor, Vlix Oncard.

Nikki Idd was a Human female who lived[1] during the reign of the Galactic Empire.[2] She was the daughter of renowned droid designer Lonn Idd, and both Nikki Idd and her brother, Vik, worked for their father out of his droid repair space station[1] at some point between 19[3] and 15 BBY.[4] When the two young siblings were dispatched in an Intergalactic Droid Agency shuttle[5] to the planet Dodz to collect various droids who were in need of maintenance,[6] Idd's brother was forced to intervene in a brawl between several of the droids during the return leg of the trip. The skirmish saw the protocol droid C-3PO tossed into his malfunctioning counterpart, the astromech droid R2-D2, who began to overload. Idd quickly inserted an energy shield into the astromech, which halted the overload but also limited him to his basic functions. C-3PO lamented the fact that he and his counterpart were a masterless pair, and happily agreed when Vik offered that the Idd siblings serve as their masters until R2-D2 could be repaired by Lonn.[1]

Upon their arrival at the space station, Idd was surprised at the absence of the welcome their father usually gave them, and she rushed through the station's corridors while Vik assigned the droids to various repair stations. When she located her father, she found him tied up and being interrogated by the Annoo-dat Blue gangster Tig Fromm, who was demanding that Lonn install a powerful laser on the gangster's starship. When Idd rushed to her father's side, she was grabbed by Fromm's bodyguard, Vlix Oncard, but she broke free via a kick to Oncard's shin and managed to covertly turn on a computer monitor's camera. Vik and C-3PO, still in the hangar, were thus able to see Lonn agree to Fromm's demands in exchange for his daughter's safety. Idd was locked in a supply shed, which Vik soon infiltrated while R2-D2 and C-3PO distracted the Fromm Gang's guards. The siblings' escape was blocked by a robotic hover guard, however, that blasted R2-D2 and freed the guards to apprehend Vik and Nikki Idd.[1]

The siblings were held captive while their father finished his work. Upon his completion, he was informed by Fromm that the space station would be the laser's first target; however, the gangster was interrupted by the sudden arrival of an ancient guardian droid. Hoping to sell it on the black market, Fromm demanded that Idd turn over its control disk, but she instead produced a disc-shaped vial of Nova Starlight perfume and sprayed it in his face. The guardian droid then advanced on the gangsters and fought off attacking hover guards with its powerful punches; cornered, the gangsters were ensnared in a packing net dropped by Vik. The Idds' savior was revealed to be C-3PO, wearing the empty shell of a guardian droid he had found aboard the station, and Lonn gratefully repaired the damaged R2-D2. When the astromech was fixed,[1] the children returned both droids to the Intergalactic Droid Agency to allow them to find new masters.[5]

Personality and traits[]

Idd grabs an energy shield while R2-D2 overloads.

Nikki: "Oh, I'd better prepare for landing, too!"
Vik: "Huh?"
Nikki: "It's the latest fragrance, Nova Starlight!"
R2-D2: "Brrm zweet!"
Vik: "Yeah, Artoo… girls!"
―Vik and R2-D2 fail to understand Nikki Idd's affection for perfume[1]

At the time of her encounter with Tig Fromm, Nikki Idd was a young girl with blonde hair, black pupils, light skin, a sense of humor, and an affection for perfume. She was a quick thinker who did not hesitate to take action during emergencies, which allowed her to calm down a malfunctioning R2-D2 and which helped foil the Fromm Gang. However, a headlong rush into danger saw her held captive by the gangsters in the first place. Fond of her father, Idd worked for him at his droid repair station and was able to pilot his shuttle alongside her brother. She also had some knowledge of how to fix droids.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Nikki Idd's only appearance in Star Wars canon is in The Ultimate Weapon, the second issue of Marvel Comics' Star Wars: Droids comic series. Written by David Manak, penciled by John Romita, and colored by George Roussos, the issue was released in June 1986.[1] Idd was later indirectly referenced in her father's entry in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia[7] and mentioned in a 2013 article on the official StarWars.com blog.[5]


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