"Nice to meet you, sentient. Are you interested in a friendly game of pazaak? The deck is warm, the drink is plentiful, and the company amiable. Can I tempt you?"
―Nikko's greeting to Meetra Surik, upon their first meeting[1]

Nikko was a Human male pazaak player who lived in Iziz, the capital city of the planet Onderon, during the Onderon Civil War in 3951 BBY. He spent most of his time playing pazaak in the Iziz Cantina. When Meetra Surik, a former Jedi Knight, visited the cantina to investigate the murder of Captain Sullio of the Onderonian military in hopes of clearing Dr. Dhagon Ghent of the crime, Nikko was one of the people to whom she spoke. After a thorough investigation, Nikko and Surik were able to convince the Onderon authorities of Ghent's innocence, setting the doctor free.


"That night Sullio was in great form. Dhagon and I were laughing about some of the choicer ones later. 'Yellow-toothed dung dweller,' heh heh. We bought her a couple of drinks afterwards."
―Nikko, remarking on Ghent's and Sullio's "insult wars"[1]

Nikko was a Human male who lived in the city of Iziz, the capital of the planet Onderon, during the Onderon Civil War[1] in 3951 BBY.[2] Most of his time was spent in the Iziz Cantina, drinking and playing pazaak with his friends and fellow patrons. When a former Jedi Knight by the name of Meetra Surik visited the cantina in search for clues to clear Dr. Dhagon Ghent of the murder of Captain Sullio of the Onderonian military, she spoke with Nikko, a friend of both Ghent and Sullio, about the incident. He did not believe that Ghent would hurt Sullio, and stated that both he and the doctor respected her and admired her sharp wit.[1]

Following further investigation, Surik learned that on the night of the murder, Ghent and Sullio had gotten into an apparently heated argument. When asked about this, Nikko explained that after too much juma juice, the two often engaged in an exchange of creative insults, but he insisted that it was all in good fun. Nikko also recounted that just after the murder, he had witnessed Ghent coming from his office across the courtyard outside of the cantina. Upon inspection of the crime scene, Surik was able to obtain a recording of the murder from the memory core of S-0D3-GE3, a service droid from the cantina that had been found near Sullio's body, and learned that the kill shot had come from the opposite direction of Ghent's office. After Nikko watched the recording, he and Surik took it to the authorities holding Ghent, who agreed that he could not have committed the crime and set the doctor free.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Know him? He's probably my best friend on this planet. Honestly, he's not a very good doctor. But he is a great drinking companion."
―Nikko's opinion of Dr. Dhagon Ghent[1]

Nikko was a friendly person, always eager to have a drink and play a game of pazaak with any willing patron of the cantina. Nikko regarded Dhagon Ghent as his best friend on Onderon, though he admittedly thought that he was not a very good doctor. On the other hand, he believed that Ghent was a great drinking companion. Nikko had brown-hair, hazel eyes, and fair skin.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Nikko appears in the 2004 roleplaying video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords as a non-player character with whom the player, cast as the Jedi Exile, must interact to progress through the Onderon portion of the game. Nikko's physical appearance is based on that of a fan named Paul Keeler,[3] who won a contest to visit the LucasArts studio and have his likeness featured in one of their games.[4] Nikko's voice was provided by voice actor Robin Atkin Downes,[3] and his head was modeled and textured by one of the game's artists, Brian Menze.[5]



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