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"This sector used to be a good place to live. Quiet. Clean. Safe. Then the swoop gangs took over. They terrorize the shopkeepers. Attack innocent civilians on the streets. Destroy our homes. And they slaughter anyone brave enough to stand up to them, leaving him bleeding in the gutter while they roar off on their swoop bikes."

The Nikto Sector was an area on Nar Shaddaa that had been formed by the time of the Cold War. Nar Shaddaa was seen as an attractive site for employment by Nikto enforcers seeking masters amongst the Hutt Cartel. This previously-unnamed region was originally a location where Nikto warriors arrived, but was only formally named for them when Horoth Gendi saved his Hutt master's life and business through quick-thinking bloodshed. As a result, the Nikto Sector was bequeathed to the Nikto warrior as a reward for his actions.[1]

Afterward, Gendi used the opportunity to found his own gang and eventually freed himself from a life of servitude to higher powers. Since that time, the Nikto Sector became an area of Nar Shaddaa that fell under the control of a succession of Nikto gangs that sought the biggest part of the planet's underworld business. Amongst the latest of these during the Cold War was the formidable Kintan Kings.[1]



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