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"I can show you to the encampment."
―Kuiil, to Din Djarin — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

The Nikto hideout was an encampment located on the desert world Arvala-7 that was controlled by a company of Nikto mercenaries around 9 ABY. At that time, the bounty hunters IG-11 and Din Djarin raided the encampment during their search for a bounty, an infant known as Grogu. After the two hunters eliminated the mercenaries, IG-11 attempted to terminate Grogu, but he was destroyed by Djarin, who took the infant into his custody. Sometime afterward, Kuiil, a vapor farmer, took IG-11's body from within the encampment and traveled back to his farm to repair the droid.


Located on the desert world of Arvala-7,[1] the Nikto hideout[2] was a small frontier town[3] surrounded by mountains. The buildings making up the encampment were rectangular in arrangement and were brown in color, with flat roofs. They enclosed an inner area that featured moisture vaporators, a well, and crates and barrels that were scattered about, along with an abandoned speeder. The encampment's innermost building had a brown gate that was operated by a control panel, the wiring of which could be modified to allow entry into the building, though the gate itself could also be taken down by turret fire. The innermost building's interior included a large room with a clutter of objects strewn across the floor.[1]


"Since these ones arrived, this territory has been an endless stream of mercenaries seeking reward and bringing destruction."
―Kuiil, to Djarin — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

IG-11 attacks the mercenaries in the encampment.

At some point during the New Republic Era, a group of Nikto mercenaries maintained control of the encampment.[1] Around 9 ABY,[4] the Nikto mercenaries held within the encampment's innermost building an infant[1] known as Grogu,[5] who had a bounty placed on him. The assassin droid bounty hunter IG-11 entered the encampment and ordered the Nikto to obey the Bondsman Guild Protocol, which dictated that the mercenaries were to produce the bounty for the droid. When the mercenaries began attacking IG-11, the droid retaliated, forcing the mercenaries to temporarily retreat inside the buildings. Scouting the place with a scope, the Mandalorian bounty hunter[1] Din Djarin,[6] who also wished to claim the bounty, arrived at the scene and told IG-11 to stand down. Instead, the droid shot Djarin on sight, knocking the Mandalorian to the ground.[1]

After Djarin got up and convinced the droid to work with him in return for splitting the reward for the bounty, the mercenaries stormed out of the buildings and fired upon the duo. During the gunfight, Djarin and IG-11 took cover behind an abandoned speeder before hiding behind the pillars of the building where Grogu was kept. While the pair were pinned down, the mercenaries brought forth a turret and fired upon the bounty hunters' position. However, the hunters were able to eliminate all of the mercenaries when IG-11 distracted the turret's operator, allowing Djarin to hijack it and used the weapon against them. The pair subsequently entered the building where Grogu was located by using the turret to destroy the structure's entrance.[1]

Djarin destroyed IG-11 and saved Grogu, taking the infant with him.

Upon entering the building, Djarin shot a Nikto that attempted to fire upon them. Djarin then proceeded to open the hovering pram containing their target, and the pair discovered that it was in fact an infant. Adhering to the instructions he was given, IG-11 attempted to terminate Grogu, but was quickly shot in the head and destroyed by the Mandalorian, who took Grogu into his custody in order to return him to a client.[1] Sometime after the skirmish, the Ugnaught vapor farmer Kuiil entered the encampment and retrieved IG-11's body from within, taking the droid's flotsam back to his farm in order to rebuild him.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

Appearance and conception[]

"So, we came up with the idea that this was an old abandoned mining town nestled into these canyons. The bandits found it very convenient because, strategically, it was hidden and easier to defend."
―Doug Chiang[src]

Concept art of the encampment by Nick Gindraux

The Nikto hideout first appeared in "Chapter 1: The Mandalorian,"[1] the debut episode of Jon Favreau's Disney+ live-action series The Mandalorian. The episode aired on November 12, 2019.[8] The location was identified in the audio description for "Chapter 7: The Reckoning,"[2] which aired on December 18, 2019.[8] Prior to the show's release on April 14, 2019, the location was first shown in a series of promotional photos published on StarWars.com.[9][10] Unlike its surrounding landscape, the encampment itself was a physical set that the actors were filmed in.[11] As fire was difficult to execute in an interior set, a small walkway was built on the exterior along with pillars for the characters to hide behind. Filming of Chapter 1 took place between October 1October 26, 2018, while Chapter 7 was filmed between October 29–November 12, 2018.[12]

Concept art of the encampment was drawn by Christian Alzmann, Nick Gindraux, Seth Engstrom, Ben Grangereau, Ryan Church, Jama Jurabaev, and Doug Chiang, while Russell Paul created an overview of the location and the action scene. According to Chiang, the encampment was an abandoned mining town that the Nikto mercernaries found useful as the structure was hidden and easy to protect. The encampment's design was inspired by the film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, as well as old Spanish missions. The film was also used as a reference for the standoff scene between Djarin and IG-11.[12]

Video game appearances[]

On April 22, 2020, the encampment was featured in a trailer for the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes as part of an announcement that characters from The Mandalorian would be added to the game.[13] On December 16, 2020,[14] the location was added to the game as part of a Hero's Journey event for Din Djarin in his full beskar armor. In the game, the encampment is the setting for the first level, in which the player takes control of Djarin and IG-11 to defeat a group of Nikto mercenaries. Djarin later mans the turret to defeat the remaining Niktos and break down the entrance in order to find Grogu inside.[15]

On November 16, 2020,[16] the encampment was added to the video game Minecraft as part of the Minecraft Star Wars expansion pack. In the game, the structure is located on the Arvala-7 section of the map. Grogu can be found in his hovering pram within the innermost building, which can be entered after breaking down the entrance by activating the turret pointed at it. If the player feeds the infant rabbit stew, he will begin to follow the player.[17]


Non-canon appearances[]


Notes and references[]

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