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"I have read the Ithor Outreach anthropological narratives from before the war; the inventiveness and spirit of the tree-dwelling Nilash natives is inspiring and their ability to form telepathic group minds is remarkable. Has Daiman preserved anything of their culture?. Nilash is a known source of anthracite and Daiman would surely raze its jungles to build war factories."
Vannar Treece[src]

The Nilash natives were a tree-dwelling people and were noted for their inventiveness, spirit and the ability to form telepathic group minds. This species was enslaved by Sith Lord Daiman and forced to work in a Daimanite munitions factory, however they were liberated by the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt shortly after the Destruction of Chelloa in 1032 BBY.

Society and cultureEdit

The natives of Nilash III possessed inventiveness and spirit, qualities which were described as "inspiring" by Jedi Master Vannar Treece, and had an ability to form telepathic group minds, which Treece found "remarkable".[1] They were adept at hiding in jungle terrain, which allowed them to hide from their former Sith overseers.[2]


At some point before or during the New Sith Wars, the Ithor Outreach carried out anthropological studies on these species and reported their findings in narratives.[1]

Lord Daiman

Lord Daiman, under whose rule the Nilash III species was enslaved.

Later, during the conflict between Sith Lords Daiman and Odion, the species' home planet became a part of Daiman's territory and housed a munitions factory where the enslaved natives were forced to work.[2][1]

Vannar Treece

Vannar Treece, who was impressed by the native species.

Shortly before the Jedi-led Operation Influx in 1032 BBY, Jedi Master Vannar Treece compiled a report for the Republic Supreme Chancellor Genarra on the worlds of the Grumani sector and included in it a brief description of Nilash III and its natives, which was based upon the narratives of the Ithor Outreach.[1]

"Someone entered the munitions plant and freed the native workers last night. We believe the slaves simply melted back into the jungle."

After the disastrous Jedi mission[3] and the subsequent devastation[2] of the baradium-rich Daimanite planet Chelloa, Jedi Knight Kerra Holt visited Nilash and freed the native slave workers, who disappeared in the surrounding jungle.[2]

Kerra Holt

Kerra Holt, who liberated the native slave workers.



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