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Nilrebmah XII was a volcanic planet in the Nilrebmah system. The planet was in an unnatural state of tectonic activity, brought about by the machinations and experiments of Ku'ar Danar in the time of the Hundred-Year Darkness. After conquering the system, Danar used his altar to the dark side of the Force to pull Nilrebmah XIII out of its orbit and thrust it into a lunar orbit over the twelfth planet. The forces exerted on the surface of Nilrebmah XII shattered the ecosystem. The planet's surface was riddled by active volcanoes and lava rivers which stretched for thousands of kilometers. Hardy saurin species irked out an existence on the world, but were kept low in numbers by the giant pterodactyls which policed the ash-filled skies. In the depths of the deepest lava pools, creatures from the dark places of the galaxy had seeped out after being beckoned by Danar's sorcery.

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