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Nilrebmah XIII was a planet in the Nilrebmah system. Following the experiments of Ku'ar Danar, Nilrebmah XIII had been moved into a lunar orbit over its neighbor, Nilrebmah XII.


Danar monolith

Ku'ar Danar's monolith on Nilrebmah XIII.

During the time of the Hundred-Year Darkness, the fallen Jedi Ku'ar Danar conducted an experiment in the Nilrebmah system where he subjugated the civilization on the moons of Nilrebmah II, forcing them into labor on Nilrebmah X using them to mine Force-sensitive silica-based creatures to build a gigantic monolith on Nilrebmah XIII. When the monolith was completed, Danar entered into its chamber and used the Force to rip the planet out of its own orbit, and place it into rotation around Nilrebmah XII. The experiments destroyed the ecosystems of both worlds, consuming the slaves and Danar alike and imbuing their souls in the monolith's halls.

In response to the destruction wrought upon it, the planet itself began to heal, with natural elements moving into the upper atmosphere and forming a type of natural shell of dry land covered in thick jungle. Some 5,000 kilometers above the scarred surface, the new planetary surface's dense jungles were populated by rodents, monkeys, birds, and insects of enormous size. Balance reigned in the great jungle, with the dark creatures of Danar kept to a minimum. Despite the restorative growth around the planet, cracks in the surface remain, wherein access to the Dark Core of the planet remained. The original planet's surface, covered in gray dust and illuminated poorly, was still blemished by the dark spire of Ku'ar Danar, longing to be found.


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