Nim Tar was a male Quermian who served as a senator in the New Republic's Galactic Senate in 5 ABY. He had a long neck and a child. Tar was acquainted with Senator Tolwar Wartol and were often part of the same committees and caucuses. As part of a conspiracy to prolong the Galactic Civil War, the Black Sun and Red Key Raiders kidnapped Tar's child. They blackmailed him and four other senators into opposing Chancellor Mon Mothma's resolution to send military forces to Jakku. A team led by Sinjir Rath Velus and Han Solo managed to foil the criminal conspiracy and rescue Tar's child. After Sinjir promised Tar and his colleagues pardons and political favors and reassured him that his child was safe, Tar changed his vote in favor of Mothma's resolution. This set the stage for the Battle of Jakku.[1]

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