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"I used to run into them occasionally on out-of-the-way worlds in the CorpSec—Ession, Ninn, Matra VI."
―The smuggler Roa identifies members of the Ryn species, which he had previously encountered on Ninn[4]

Ninn was a small planet located in the Ninn system of the Outer Rim Territories. The world was despoiled and depopulated in an ancient conflict, but was later resettled by a group that became known as the Priests of Ninn. Ninn came to be part of the Corporate Sector following that region's expansion, and so fell under the control of the Corporate Sector Authority.


Ninn was a small planet[1] located in the Ninn system[2] of the Corporate Sector, within the Outer Rim Territories' Tingel Arm region.[1]


During an ancient conflict, the world was depopulated and despoiled.[1] Following the rise of the Galactic Empire[1] after its formation in 19 BBY,[5] Ninn was one of many planets included in the newly-expanded Corporate Sector. Its inclusion in the Corporate Sector meant that it fell under the control of the Corporate Sector Authority, the controlling body of the sector. The Ninn star system came to be part of the Authority Guardian Corridor hyperlane and another hyperlane that connected it to the Lo'Uran system and the Lythos system.[1]

By around 2 BBY,[6] the planet had been settled by a group that became known as the Priests of Ninn. The priests lived in a planet-wide refuge, where they practiced their beliefs, including formalistic absolution.[3] Members of the nomadic Ryn species also sometimes visited the world, and the smuggler Roa encountered some there at one point in his career.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Ninn was first mentioned in Han Solo's Revenge, a novel released in 1979 and written by Brian Daley. It was identified as a planet in the entry for the Priests of Ninn in the first edition of A Guide to the Star Wars Universe, which was released in 1984 and compiled by Raymond L. Velasco.



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