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Ninopas Orocc was a male Gran gambling addict. In 32 BBY, Orocc attended the Boonta Eve Classic podrace on Tatooine.[2] Orocc was affiliated with someone known as Botlat Rej wanted by the Coruscant Security Force for disrupting a Galactic Senate briefing by smearing Cornesian Wax across the base of several hover platforms which resulted in the injury of three senators. He had a bounty worth 2,000 Republic credits alive and 1,000 dead. He was last seen by the police at Anchorhead, Tatooine before arriving at Outland Transit Station and being captured by Jango Fett for 2,000 credits.

Behind the scenes[]

Ninopas Orocc is the fourth bounty to encounter at the second level of Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. It is up to the player to take him alive or dead.



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