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D'harhan, the only weapon to survive

The living weapons were the classification of a number of Niordi scouts who had volunteered to undergo drastic surgery and be fitted with cybernetics and weapons attached directly to their bodies. The intent was for the Niordi to become artillery units that could move and think like sentient beings. These living weapons were then used against the Leech Legions, who were sent to attack the Niorde home planet.[1]

Of these living weapons was the mercenary known as D'harhan. A colleague of Boba Fett, D'harhan had accompanied his fellow Niordi scouts to a secret laboratory, where he underwent the radical surgical procedures that turned him into a life-support system for a steam-vented, liquid-cooled laser emplacement that was patterned after those of an Alsakan battle cruiser.[1] The weapon itself was powered by a light-mass core.[2] The installation of the machinery required the removal of D'harhan's head, and his brain was flash-frozen and placed within a durasteel box that was mounted in his breastplate. His heart and lungs were relocated, and other organs were removed,[1] and the weapon's base was drilled into his collarbones and vertebral column.[2] Boba Fett watched the entire procedure, having been brought to the system by Nashtah.[1]

Several of the Niordi scouts who had undergone the surgery had died on the table. By the time the surviving subjects were ready, the Leech Legions had overrun Niorde. D'harhan and his cyborg cohorts attacked the enemy flagship, and he was the only member who survived the encounter.[1]



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