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Nirama's public asteroid was the largest asteroid within the Cularin system asteroid belt, being over 400 kilometers in diameter. Nirama had a large base on the asteroid, which he had inherited from Riboga the Hutt. Riboga and Nirama both used the base to meet with their employees within the Organization, especially the smugglers of the Smugglers' Confederation. Riboga had had a private asteroid for his own use, which Nirama also gained.[1]

The smugglers nevertheless preferred not to meet their boss in his asteroid, as he could easily take their ships there. They rather chose a meeting place such as the planet Cularin, or the use of proxies to avoid a real meeting.[1]

Much of the Organization's operations were based here, and many of its members resided at least part time on the asteroid. The upper part of the asteroid held the docking bays, the area where Nirama dwelt and met with people, and cell blocks. The inner part of the asteroid was essentially its own city, with independently run businesses such as the Hutt's Tail cantina, even having failed and abandoned businesses such as Mokada's Place. The base was divided into an unknown number of sectors, with Red Sector being an infamous, troublesome one.[2]

The Cell, a rival faction of the Organization trying to oust Nirama, managed to grasp control of part of his public asteroid.[2] Nirama then used his public asteroid as his main headquarters while trying to find Cell members in other places, to question them.[3]

Weapons were not allowed in the inner areas of the asteroid, and it was policed by the Organization's security forces. Nirama's personal security forces had higher authority, and were allowed to carry weapons—usually stun batons and force pikes. Nirama's security detail wore uniforms of silver and black, with rank being denoted by red bars on their shoulders.[2]




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