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The Nishr Suppression was an operation by Imperial forces to put down an uprising by the native Nish on the planet Nishr in 0 ABY.

An Imperial garrison had been deployed to the planet in 2 BBY, to secure it for the Empire and provide support for mining survey teams. A relatively conscientious officer, Major General Vin Kollis of the Imperial Army was appointed as military commander and Planetary Governor. However, the bulk of his troops were from the occupation force on nearby Mirshilan, and in defiance of their commander's orders, they treated the locals with some brutality.

When Kollis failed to end the troops' provocations, a local rising began. The Nish were only in the early stages of steam technology, however, and the Imperials defeated them with savage efficiency. To show that resistance could not be tolerated, Kollis ordered his TIE/gt starfighters to bomb the three largest cities of the Nish. Additional troops were sent in, raising the garrison to approximately regimental strength.

The Suppression achieved its result: the bulk of the Nish population remained passive, afraid of further Imperial reprisals. However, these events also brought Nishr to the attention of the Alliance, which dispatched a small SpecForce taskforce, thus beginning the Nishr Campaign.


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