The NiteSite infrared motion sensor was a night scope device produced by Neuro-Saav Corporation. The NiteSite was commonly used by Ubese mercenaries and bounty hunters such as Boushh.

NiteSite infrared motion sensor schematic.

The NiteSite infrared and motion sensor unit was designed to be included in a battle helmet, and became a popular device due to its reliability and ease of use. The infrared scanner could detect heat sources and life-forms from up to two hundred meters away, and had up to fifty times zoom magnification. The unit also included a cluster of low-illumination enhancers that highlighted all physical objects within ten meters on the internal display screen. A flashguard filter dampened the effect of bright lights and explosions, while the unit's analysis computer could track up to fifty targets on the readout screen.

The NiteSite could synchronize with the user's blaster, either by wireless or via a cable, which displayed fire vector information on the readout screen. Additional sensors could also be connected to the NiteSite unit through input ports.

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NiteSite infrared motion sensor Scope view.

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