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"Nix Jerd ‒ that's our bombardier."
―Paige Tico[src]

Nix Jerd was a human male from the Mid Rim world Lantillies[1] who served as a bombardier in the Resistance's Cobalt Squadron.[4] He kept a firm grip on the release trigger of the Resistance bomber Cobalt Hammer, ready to release the bombers payload onto First Order targets.[1] He was killed during the evacuation of D'Qar.[3] Paige Tico later called Jerd to check if he was okay, but received no response.[6] A short while after, Tico came across a deceased Nix in her attempt to drop the bomber's payload.[3] After Jerd's death, his helmet was recovered and worn by his friend Enanan Supa whilst she was piloted a B-Wing Fighter.[7]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Nix had a good head for numbers and was usually calm and unaffected when his bomber was under attack. However, when things got too intense, he liked to yell at pilot Finch Dallow "a lot" according to gunner Paige Tico.[5]

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