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Nixus was a frigid planet in the galaxy. Despite sporting glacial terrain[1] and low-gravity,[2] the planet was not inhospitable[1] and actually hosted a structure, Nixus Hub 218. Hub 218 was populated and visited by numerous individuals, and at some point became the chosen location for a deal between crime lords Azmorigan and Cikatro Vizago. However, Vizago was incarcerated on his own ship by the pirate Hondo Ohnaka, who attempted to execute the deal in Vizago's place alongside the rebel Ezra Bridger. However, Azmorigan was not interested in dealing with Ohnaka or Bridger, and turned the Nixus Hub into a battleground. All three participants managed to escape the conflict unscathed.[2] Later, Bridger returned with members of the Spectres after Ohnaka revealed two Lasat fugitives were present on the world, Chava and Gron. A small firefight ensued, in which the two fugitives were taken away to rediscover the ancient Lasat homeworld Lira San.[3]

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Nixus first appeared in "Brothers of the Broken Horn", an episode of Star Wars Rebels that first aired on November 4, 2015.'[4]

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The surface of Nixus as viewed from within the planet's atmosphere.

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