Nizzal was a female Turazza who worked for Loh'khar the Finder. She acted as his dealer.


The unofficial leader of the three sisters who worked for Loh'khar, Nizzal was treated better than the other two. Loh'khar entrusted her to deal with his clients and sources, and maintaining the Twi'lek's large amount of connections. She also concocted schemes of her own and negotiated side deals without Loh'khar's knowledge. She joined the crew of the FarStar alongside her master in 8 ABY. Under Loh'khar's orders, she assisted in Gorak Khzam's defection as part of a wider scheme.

Personality and traitsEdit

Nizzal was very aware of her favored status, and often bullied her sisters, Rizzal and Vizzal - especially Rizzal - because of this fact. She was rebellious, and was rarely at Loh'khar's side and had to be summoned. Her sisters often held her in line by informing Loh'khar of her side deals.

Of the three Turazza, Nizzal was the only one of her sisters to speak Basic. However, she only spoke it during negotiations, and refused to speak it under any other circumstance.



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