"According to records found in the Nihil ships, the pirates operate from an area they call No-Space."
Jedi Master Avar Kriss[2]

No-Space was an area of space hidden from the rest of the galaxy where the marauder group known as the Nihil operated.


"The Kezarat was the command ship in a hundred-tanker Byne Guild convoy bringing fuel to the Outer Rim Territories some two hundred years ago. It just…vanished. Entered hyperspace and never came out."
―Amilyn Holdo[3]

Hidden from the galaxy and only accessible by the Paths utilized by the Nihil, No-Space contained the Great Hall of the Nihil, a large durasteel platform surrounded by vacuum shields that created a dome of breathable air.[1]


High Republic Era[]

"Their base, known as the Great Hall, is a platform protected by vacuum shields and—if intel obtained on Dalna can be believed—recently fortified against attack."
―Jedi Master Avar Kriss[2]

The fortified Great Hall of the Nihil during the High Republic Era.

During the Great Hyperspace Disaster in 232 BBY,[4] the Kezarat Convoy of the Byne Guild, including its command ship, the Kezarat disappeared into No-Space after the convoy entered hyperspace.[3]

In 230 BBY,[5] the Great Hall of the Nihil was fortified in order to withstand the Jedi's attack.[6] However, this was unsuccessful and the Jedi were able to storm the Hall.[7] Lourna Dee was captured,[7] and multiple pirates died along with Storm Muglan and Quin.[6]

Age of the Empire[]

"You want to get home? You should start getting used to one idea. You are home."
―Blythe, to the lost rebels[8]

The Colony of Kezarat.

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the Alliance to Restore the Republic led by Amilyn Holdo, were in need of fuel as the Galactic Civil War raged on, sought to discover the location of where the Kezarat Convoy ended up.[3] After the rebels entered the region, Blythe greeted the "news" over a speaker and told them they would need their weapons. When Captain Holdo replied that they could not give them away, Blythe understood it as their decision. He then stated it would be their decision to vent the airlock the rebels were in if did not to throw their weapons out of the ship's magnetic shield. The rebels then complied with the request, and Holdo informed Blythe they were now defenseless.[8]

Blythe then welcomed the rebels to the Colony of Kezarat, and General Leia Organa thanked him for saving their lives and stated the rebels would give whatever they could in return, but stated they needed to understand where they were and why they could not leave as they needed to return home. Blythe responded that they were in No-Space where normal rules do not apply, and informed them that people sometimes made their way there, but no one had found a way out in over two centuries. Blythe then finished by telling the rebels that they instead of going home, they should get used to one idea, that No-Space is their home.[8]

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