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"No Escape: Part 1" is the twentieth episode of Star Wars Resistance Season One. It aired on March 10, 2019.

Official description[]

Kaz hatches a plan to rescue his friends, while the First Order's quest for power takes a dark turn.[3]

Plot summary[]

The First Order takes over[]

TIE fighters fly over the submerged Colossus. Only Doza Tower remains on the surface. Several bioluminescent fish swim over the submerged station. Speaking via comlink, Commander Pyre reassures the residents that the First Order is working tirelessly to raise the station and that the Resistance insurgents who sabotaged the platform are still at large. He advises them to stay in their domiciles until further notice.

In the marketplace, Nod loads up a crate of stolen goods. The Arcona Garma walks towards two stormtrooper sentries. Pyre warns that anyone who does not stay at home is in violation of First Order law. He switches off the intercom just as Captain Doza storms his office to confront him about the arrest of Jarek Yeager. He demands to know what he is planning to do to Yeager. Pyre responds that is none of his concern.

Captain Doza's defiance[]

Captain Imanuel Doza protests that Pyre has exceeded his powers and has taken over through fear and intimidation. Commander Pyre counters that the First Order came by invitation. Doza disagrees and says that he doubts that the New Republic would find what the First Order is doing legal. Pyre brushes aside Doza's datapad and tells him they are well beyond the New Republic's reach. He adds that the New Republic is not beyond the First Order's reach, and orders his troops to arrest Doza for insubordination.

Doza orders 4D-M1N to stun them. The security droid attacks the stormtroopers and shoots two. Captain Doza fights with two stormtroopers and grabs a blaster. 4D dodges a stormtrooper's blasts and throws him at another stormtrooper fighting Doza. However, Commander Pyre disables 4D with three blasts before pointing his pistol at Doza's head. He dismisses Doza as pathetic and orders stormtrooper reinforcements to throw him into the brig with his Aces.

Doza tells Pyre that he cannot get away without the Republic noticing, and warns him that it is not over before he is led away. Pyre agrees, and tells him that it is only a matter of time before they have Kazuda Xiono and his friends. Two stormtroopers drag Captain Doza away. A horrified Torra Doza watches from her hiding place, above.

Leader of the Colossus resistance[]

In the engineering deck, Kazuda Xiono briefs CB-23, Neeku Vozo, Kel, Eila, Bucket and the Chelidae leader using a holographic projection of the Colossus. Pointing to the map, Kaz says he believes that the First Order is detaining Yeager and the others below Doza Tower. He plans to free them before escaping in a shuttle to Hosnian Prime.

Neeku points out this sounds difficult and tells him that the Colossus is their home. He asks about the people trapped in the Colossus under First Order rule. CB-23 switches off the projection and mumbles in Binary. Kel asks Kaz if they can save everyone. Kaz insists that they can and they will. He hopes to bring back reinforcements and to free everyone. Kaz says that his father is a senator with connections to the New Republic Defense Force and that he has evidence of the First Order's occupation.

Before Kaz can continue, Neeku warns that in times of stress people can have delusions of grandeur, disbelieving that Kaz's father is a senator. Laughing, Neeku suggests that the next thing Kaz was about to "joke" about was that he grew up extremely wealthy. Kaz says he'll talk about that another time and that they have to find a way to get through all the stormtroopers. He vows to free their friends.

Seeds of distrust[]

Meanwhile, Tamara Ryvora is enjoying a plate of food with Agent Tierny. The First Order Security Bureau Agent asks her how was the food. Tam says it is amazing and that she can't remember the last time she ate this well. Tierny smiles and tells Tam that she deserves more than this station has to offer. She then turns the topic to her friend Kazuda Xiono.

Tam insists that she told Tierny everything about Kaz and expresses her shock that he was a Resistance spy. Tierny turns her attention to her employer, Jarek Yeager. Tam denies that Yeager was a spy, and points out that he came all this way to get away from the military. Tierny begs to differ, and plays a holorecording of Yeager telling his interrogator that he was the Resistance spy and that Kaz had nothing to do with it.

Yeager claims that he tried recruiting Kaz into the Resistance and that he was the one who flew the Fireball into the sector. Tam responds that Yeager is taking the blame and trying to help Kaz. Tierny retorts that he has helped Kaz on many occasions because they are spies. She claims that Yeager did not trust her enough to tell her the truth. She reiterates that they put Tam's life in danger under the guise of keeping her safe. Tierny asks Tam to consider whether Yeager truly cares about her.

Resistance on the move[]

Inside her bedroom, Torra fetches Buggles and tells her pet Voorpak that she has an important mission for him: to find Kaz and bring him to her. Buggles runs through the hallways of Doza Tower.

Meanwhile, in a control room, stormtroopers are checking the turbines. One of them notices that the turbines won't respond. Another stormtrooper says that the platform has taken on too much water and that they need to find a way to raise it again. Just then, the blast door opens, revealing a heavily laden Chelidae mechanic. The stormtrooper CS-227 remarks that it is just another one of those "things," saying he'll take care of it.

He leaves the control room to confront the Chelidae. However, he is ambushed by the Colossus resistance. One of the stormtroopers asks CS-227 about his status. Just then, the blast door slides open, revealing the Chelidae. The two stormtroopers leave to investigate but are knocked out by Kaz and Neeku. Kaz says he hopes that will buy them some more time, while Neeku hopes that more stormtroopers don't show up because they are quite difficult to deal with.

Kaz asks Neeku, Kel, and Eila if they can use these controls to close any doors including the outside hatches. Kel says the shellfolk taught them everything, and that this room controls everything. Kaz says he is going back to the Tower. When Neeku points out that the passages were flooded when the Colossus was submerged, Kaz responds that he knows he'll have to swim.

Going for a swim[]

Kaz opens a hatch and jumps down with CB-23 into the sea. Wearing a breath mask, he hangs on to CB-23, who activates her jet. As Kaz swims below the Colossus' decks, he asks Neeku if he can hear him. After objecting to the use of the code name "Blowfish," Kaz tells Neeku to open the Level 12 hatch. Neeku refers to Kaz as "Blowfish One," forgetting Kaz's instructions.

While Kaz is swimming past Aunt Z's Tavern, Al spots him and expresses alarm. As he approaches the Level 12 hatch, he sees a pair of First Order SCUBA troopers on patrol. The SCUBA troopers spot Kaz and CB-23 and give chase. Riding on CB-23, Kaz swims through the Colossus structures. The stormtroopers open fire with aquatic blasters.

Glitch is serving Al a drink when the human spots Kaz being chased by seatroopers. He takes a deep breath and tells Glitch that he thinks he is good. Meanwhile, Kaz and CB-23 dive deeper. Kaz tells Neeku to open the hatch on Level 2. Neeku is confused, but Kaz reiterates his request to open the hatch on Level 2. Neeku says it's not a problem, but has some trouble finding the button. Kaz manages to swim with CB-23 into the underwater corridor, but the SCUBA troopers follow in pursuit.

Underwater fight[]

While hiding in a corner, Kaz tells Neeku to pressurize the corridor. He tells Neeku to do it just as the troopers spot him. Neeku switches off the lights, and Kaz takes advantage of the distraction to attack the troopers, ramming CB-23 into one. CB-23 uses her grappling hook to throw a blaster away and leads the trooper on a chase.

Kaz struggles with a SCUBA trooper and again tells Neeku to pressurize the corridor. Neeku, Kel, and Eila keep pressing buttons. One of these opens the doors in Doza Tower and another activates the turbines. Kaz manages to disarm the trooper, but he breaks free and kicks Kaz with his flipper. Neeku tries more buttons, which turn the Doza Tower satellite dish and open a hangar door.

The second SCUBA trooper soon returns and grabs Kaz. Before the troopers can take him into custody, Neeku finds the button that activates the pressurizer. The troopers are sucked into the ocean, but CB-23 extends a grappling hook to Kaz, and he holds on long enough for Neeku to close the hatches. The seawater is sucked out of the corridor. CB-23 filters out water while Kaz hugs her. He is elated they are alive, and tells the droid that together they are amazing.

Neeku asks if he is referring to himself or Neeku. Kaz thanks Neeku for the team effort and tells him to keep an open channel. Neeku promises to keep an open channel and tells Kel that "buddy" is a term of endearment in many cultures. He wonders what else they can control from down here. In response, Eila points at a large hyperdrive hanging above.

Sneaking through the Colossus[]

Inside the corridors, Kaz and CB-23 race to the Office of Acquisitions. Kaz asks if Flix and Orka are inside. CB-23 and Kaz find the duo, their pet gorg Bitey and their droid G-LN hiding inside a crate. Kaz asks if they have weapons, but Flix and Orka say they don't have weapons because they are hiding in a box. Flix and Orka explain their plan to escape the First Order by arranging for the crate they're hiding in to be sent to Flix's mother on Talivar. Orka tells Kaz there's room for him, too.

Kaz points out that the station is underwater. Orka realizes that the First Order is not shipping them, and chides Flix for his stupid plan. Kaz reassures them that he is going to free his friends and liberate them from the First Order. He says they won't have to hide. Flix and Orka doubt that his plan will succeed and tell him good luck with that, retreating inside the box. Kaz tells CB-23 that they are about to head to Doza Tower when Buggles jumps on him.

Buggles licks Kaz, who asks what he is doing here. The Voorpak leads Kaz and CB-23 through the corridors. Kaz contacts Neeku, who tells him they have made an important discovery. Kel tells Kaz that this station not only has thrusters but a Class 2 hyperdrive. Kaz is astounded to learn that the Colossus is a ship, instead of a station. Neeku responds that technically, it is both. Kaz is delighted and asks Neeku if he can get them into the air. Neeku replies that getting ships into the air is his specialty. Kaz tells him to do it before switching off. Neeku admits that keeping them airborne is a problem.

Prisoners of the First Order[]

Meanwhile, Yeager exits a turbolift with two stormtroopers. One of the stormtroopers hurries him by striking him with a blaster butt. Yeager is led down a corridor where he is met by Tam and Agent Tierny. Yeager cries out to Tam, but Tam responds that the First Order told her everything. She is angry that he lied to her about Kaz. Yeager tries to explain.

One of the stormtroopers orders him to move, but Yeager punches him in the head. The second stormtrooper grabs him from behind. Yeager tells Tam not to listen to the First Order because they are trying to manipulate her. Agent Tierny tells Tam to come along, while Tam angrily tells Yeager that he put everyone in danger. Yeager is thrown into a cell also containing Captain Doza, who greets him. Yeager tries to break out of the cell and attack the guards but finds that it is guarded by a force field.

Three's company[]

Meanwhile, Buggles leads Kaz and CB-23 down a trapdoor where Torra is hiding. Torra is glad her friend is safe, and Kaz carries CB-23 down. Torra tells Kaz that her father and Yeager are locked up and that she has been coming up with a plan to free them. Kaz asks what she is thinking. Torra tells him of her plan to sneak through the incinerator ducts which will lead them to Doza Tower. Kaz agrees, provided they don't get incinerated with lasers like last time.

Torra giggles and reassures him that the systems are off. Kaz hears movement and lifts the trapdoor to see the First Order BB-series astromech droid MB-13A approaching. Kaz manages to lower the trapdoor, and the droid hovers over it. When they think the droid has passed, MB-13A opens the trapdoor and raises the alarm.

Kaz tells CB-23 to shut him up and she fires her grappling hook at the ceiling and jumps up. CB-23 slams herself into MB-13A and the two fight in the corridor. CB-23 manages to damage the First Order droid's visual processor. She then opens a lift door and tricks the First Order droid into falling down the elevator shaft. Kaz thanks CB-23 for her nice work and says that there is only room on this ship for one ball droid. Just then, they hear the voices of stormtroopers. Kaz lowers the trapdoor just in time as a stormtrooper patrol runs past.

Agent Tierny's offer[]

Inside Doza Tower, Agent Tierny leads Tam and the stormtroopers through a corridor. They walk past a group of stormtroopers escorting Jace Rucklin and Lin Gaava. Tam asks if Agent Tierny has found Kaz, but she says unfortunately not. She asks Tam if she knows anything about Kaz's whereabouts. Tam confirms that she doesn't, and remarks that Kaz pretends that he is an idiot but that he is smarter than he lets on.

Agent Tierny tells Tam she wants to make her an offer, telling her that she doesn't want to see her potential wasted on this platform for the rest of her life. When Tam asks about the offer, Tierny asks about her dreams of becoming a pilot. Tam is amazed and says that she has always felt at home in the skies. Tierny promises Tam that if she comes with her, the First Order will make those dreams a reality.

Reaching Doza Tower[]

Kaz, Torra, and CB-23 reach Doza Tower only to run into a stormtrooper. The trooper orders them to halt, but Kaz grabs his rifle. Following a struggle, Kaz manages to stun him. He takes offense when Torra describes the scuffle as "almost" impressive. Torra tells Kaz they need to find a place to hide him, so they dump the trooper down the shaft to the incinerator. Kaz remarks that the stormtroopers are heavier than they look.

Torra tells Kaz that the cells are to the right. She then tells Buggles to go back to her room as he pants. Buggles is hesitant, but she tells him to go on. They notice that the corridor to the cells is unusually quiet. Kaz thinks that luck is on their side. They hide behind two crates as two stormtroopers talk about an upcoming transmission. One of the stormtroopers remarks that Starkiller Base is finally operational.

The war begins[]

"Today is the end of the Republic. The end of a regime that acquiesces to disorder. At this very moment in a system far from here, the New Republic lies to the galaxy while secretly supporting the treachery of the loathsome Resistance. This fierce machine which you have built, upon which we stand, will bring an end to the Senate! To their cherished fleet! All remaining systems will bow to the First Order! And will remember this... as the last day of the Republic!"
―Armitage Hux, announcing the fall of the New Republic[src]

Both Kaz and Torra are unfamiliar with the name Starkiller Base. Torra asks what it is, but Kaz doesn't know. He remarks that it sounds like the worst thing imaginable. Hiding behind some crates, they watch stormtroopers gathering around a holographic projection of General Armitage Hux addressing the First Order forces on Starkiller Base.

Hux announces that today is the end of the New Republic, which he denounces as a regime that acquiesces to disorder. As the stormtroopers on the Colossus watch, Hux claims that in a system far from Starkiller Base, the New Republic lies to the galaxy while secretly supporting the "loathsome" Resistance. Kaz and Torra sneak past the crates. Torra tells Kaz to move on while they are distracted, but Kaz insists on watching.

General Hux tells the First Order that the superweapon will bring an end to the Senate and their Republic fleet. He vows that all remaining systems will bow to the First Order and will remember this as the last day of the Republic. As the stormtroopers salute the general, Hux orders Starkiller Base's gunners to fire.

Kaz and Torra watch as Starkiller Base fires its phantom energy beam through hyperspace at a star system. Kaz watches in horror as several planets are obliterated. The stormtroopers raise their fists in triumph. Kaz quietly asks CB-23 what system was destroyed. When she tells him it was the Hosnian system, Kaz is devastated as he realizes that his homeworld of Hosnian Prime is gone and his family and friends are dead.


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  • Created by – Dave Filoni
  • Based on Star Wars created by – George Lucas
  • Developed by – Dave Filoni, Kiri Hart, Carrie Beck
  • Executive Produced by – Brandon Auman, Athena Yvette Portillo, Justin Ridge
  • Executive Producer – Dave Filoni
  • Supervising Director – Justin Ridge
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  • Original Star Wars Themes & Score by – John Williams
  • Voice Director – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
  • Associate Producer – Josh Rimes
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  • Rights and clearances by – Entertainment Clearances, Inc., Cassandra Barbour, Laura Sevier


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Notes and references[]

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