"No Escape: Part 2" is the twenty-first and final episode of Star Wars Resistance Season One. It aired on March 17, 2019.

Official description[]

Following the destruction of Hosnian Prime and other systems, Kaz and Yeager lead the forces of the Colossus into battle with the First Order.[3]

Plot summary[]

Continuing with the mission[]

From their hiding place, Kazuda Xiono and Torra Doza watch as General Armitage Hux announces Starkiller Base's preemptive strike on the Hosnian system, including Hosnian Prime. As the stormtroopers raise their fists in salute, Kaz cries out. When Torra asks, Kaz confirms that was his homeworld of Hosnian Prime. He is distraught that his family, friends, and the Galactic Senate are gone. Torra sympathises with Kaz's grief, but tells him they have to keep going. Kaz resolves to stop the First Order no matter what as the First Order stormtroopers chant in unison.

Kaz, Torra, and CB-23 enter the unguarded detention block. Kaz finds Jarek Yeager and Captain Imanuel Doza locked in their cell. Yeager is pleased to see Kaz. Kaz tells CB-23 to unlock the cell's energy shield. Torra embraces her father, who is relieved that she is safe. Yeager tells Kaz that he is a better Resistance agent than he gave him credit for and thanks him.

Yeager notices Kaz is sad. Kaz tells Yeager that the First Order destroyed his homeworld of Hosnian Prime, and that they are all gone. CB-23 beeps sadly. Yeager says he is so sorry. Torra tells Captain Doza that Kaz and his friends are trying to get the Colossus into the air and that it may be their only way to escape. Doza says the station has not been mobile in twenty years, and that it is a huge risk.

The stormtroopers return to find the cell left open. They find Doza, Yeager, and CB-23 inside. When the stormtroopers enter, Kaz and Torra ambush them, Kaz ordering them to surrender and hand over their blasters. Before leaving, Torra tells the stormtroopers to have fun before Yeager and Captain Doza stun them.

Flooding the enemy[]

Meanwhile, in the hyperdrive room, Neeku Vozo tells R1-J5 ("Bucket"), Kel, Eila, and the Chelidae that to get the Colossus into the air they have to release all the water they took on to submerge it. Bucket mutters. Kel says this is no problem, and that they have to de-valve the ship and flush out the outer corridors, activating a holographic diagram which Neeku and the others study. Neeku remarks that if anyone is left in the outer corridors they will get flushed out to sea. He adds that this is an excellent idea, announcing they will flush out the First Order.

Neeku contacts Kaz over his comlink. Kaz asks Neeku what his status is and if he can get this station airborne. Neeku tells Kaz he has a delightful plan which involves getting the station airborne and flushing the stormtroopers out. Kaz asks what Neeku's plan is. Neeku tells Kaz that his plan involves him and his friends splitting up and putting themselves in certain danger. Kaz quips that he is liking the sound of this plan less.

Later, Kaz and Torra sneak up on two stormtroopers. Kaz asks Torra and Neeku if they are ready. Kaz tells Neeku to follow him when he says "now," but Neeku gets confused and tells Kel to open the corridors to water. Kaz, CB-23 and the stormtroopers are caught up in a flood. Kaz and CB-23 manage to escape behind a blast door, but the stormtroopers are swept away into the sea. They struggle to stay afloat.

Returning to the outer corridor, Kaz tells Neeku that his plan worked. Kaz then contacts Torra, who proceeds with her role. She goes up to three stormtroopers and calls them "frowny faces," before leading them on a chase through the outer corridors. She seals herself behind a blast door as Neeku opens the outer hatches and the stormtroopers are swept into the sea. The stormtroopers are grabbed by a sharvo fish.

Torra shouts with joy that Neeku's plan is working. Neeku celebrates that the plan is working and thanks to the Chelidae Vilpac. Vilpac informs Neeku that they are receiving a transmission from Aunt Z.

Tactical withdrawal[]

At Doza Tower, an exhausted stormtrooper informs Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny that they have lost five more stormtroopers. Pyre growls in frustration and asks how this is happening. Agent Tierny responds that he is losing control of the station and suggests that he call in reinforcements to ensure the safety of everyone aboard. She tells Pyre that she is taking Tamara Ryvora off-world back to base.

Pyre appears to agree with Tierny's plan but says that if they can't refloat the station they have to resort to a more aggressive solution. Tam watches with concern. After switching off the hologram, he tells Agent Tierny to bring Tamara aboard the shuttle and that they are leaving this wretched world. Tierny puts on her helmet and motions for Tam to accompany her, Commander Pyre, and the stormtrooper to accompany them onto the lift.

Retaking the Colossus[]

After the First Order and Tamara have left, Yeager and Captain Doza enter Doza's office. Doza tells Yeager that they have to get the Colossus operational and that they don't have much time. Yeager says that is well and good but they have to put a stop to the First Order's plan to take Tam off-world. Doza tells him not to be fool because he cannot face them alone. Doza wants to tend to the station. Yeager responds that he will not be alone.

Yeager contacts Kaz and asks if he is there. Kaz replies that he is kind of busy. He, Torra and a pair of stormtroopers are fleeing a wave of water. They escape behind a blast door but the stormtroopers are trapped underwater. CB-23 beeps while an exhausted Kaz says he thinks that did it. He asks Yeager what is his status.

Yeager tells Kaz that the First Order is taking Tam off-world and asks how fast he can get to the tower. Kaz pleads with Yeager not to let the First Order leave with Tam.

Tamara's choice[]

Meanwhile, an Upsilon-class command shuttle approaches Doza Tower. Tam watches as the shuttle lands. Tierny tells Tam to hurry. The shuttle opens its docking ramp just as Yeager approaches the corridor leading to the landing pad. From the top of Doza Tower, Kaz shouts out to Tam and asks what she is doing.

Commander Pyre points his blaster at Kaz and Torra but Tierny shakes her head and Pyre lowers his weapon. An angry Tam tells Kaz that she is getting away from him and Yeager. She asks Kaz how he could lie to her about everything. Kaz struggles to respond and says that he works for the Resistance and only wanted to help the galaxy.

Yeager adds that Kaz is only telling the truth and surfaces from the corridor. Commander Pyre and the stormtrooper point their guns at him. Tam responds that Yeager took advantage of her long hours of work for nothing. She tells Yeager that he was like a father to him but that was all a lie. Yeager replies that the First Order are the ones lying to her and reassures her that she is capable of great things. He warns Tam that the First Order are not who they say they are.

Agent Tierny responds that the First Order are giving Tam protection and a higher purpose. She puts her arm around Tam in a comforting gesture. Tierny tells Yeager that he is a danger to everyone around him. Two stormtroopers close in on Yeager from behind while four stormtroopers surround Torra, Kaz, and CB-23. TIE fighters fly ahead.

Commander Pyre tells Kaz and Yeager that it is over and they have lost. He orders them to drop their weapons. However, Kaz defiantly tells Pyre and his men to drop their weapons. Pyre tells Kaz to look around because there is no escape. Kaz contacts Neeku by comlink and tells him he knows what to do.

Firing the hyperdrive[]

In the hyperdrive room, Neeku fires up the hyperdrive and the station's thrusters come to life. As Doza Tower begins shaking, Agent Tierny asks what is happening. The First Order retreat aboard their shuttle as the Colossus begins to rise from the sea.

Aboard the shuttle, Tierny realizes that the Colossus resistance has activated the main drive and that the ship is going into orbit. Tam is shocked to learn that the Colossus is a ship. As the Colossus rises, the two stormtroopers behind Yeager fall into the sea. Tierny fires her blaster.

Meanwhile, CB-23 releases oil, causing the stormtroopers to slip off the top platform. Torra also slips, but CB-23 uses her grappling hook to pull her to safety. The four stormtroopers fall on the landing pad as Tierny and Pyre exchange fire with Kaz. Yeager then shoots another stormtrooper.

The shuttle returns and Commander Pyre tells Tierny and Tam to get to the shuttle. Tierny tells Tam to come along and extends a hand while standing on the docking ramp. Yeager pleads with Tam to stay with them. Tierny calls to Tam again. She hesitates, but chooses to follow Tierny and the First Order. Kaz and Yeager watch in horror as Tam departs aboard the shuttle with the First Order.

Torra and CB-23 join Yeager on the landing part where several fallen stormtroopers lie. Torra is horrified they took Tam and asks what they are going to do. Yeager responds that she made her choice but says they are not going to let the First Order take the Colossus. Yeager tells Torra to head to their ships as TIE fighters begin strafing the Colossus. Kaz flees inside Doza Tower.

Mustering the Aces[]

Inside another detention bay, Bo Keevil, Freya Fenris, and Griff Halloran are locked inside their cells. Captain Doza frees the Aces and tells them to head to their ships in Hangar B2, adding that they have a station to defend. The Aces climb aboard their ships while Kaz tells them to open the doors. Yeager tells CB-23 to unlock the fighters. Yeager tells Bucket to get to Hangar B2.

CB-23 deactivates the magnetic locks. Kaz, Yeager, and Torra unlock the hangar doors but two TIE fighters fly towards the hangar. Torra sighs just when you think it is gonna work out. Kaz asks for suggestions and Yeager says he is open to anything at this point. Just then, the TIEs are shot down by Hype Fazon's Atmospheric Assault Lander. He jokingly asks if anyone called for backup.

Kaz smiles as Hype opens the landing ramp and tells them not to forget to thank him. Aunt Z, who accompanied Fazon, tells Kaz that they picked up his distress call. More starfighters arrive and the stolen troop lander joins the fight. Yeager tells the pilots and their astromech droids to move. Yeager jumps aboard his racer with Bucket. Bucket beeps while Griff, Freya, and Torra jump into their racers and fire up their engines. Kaz and CB-23 jump aboard the Fireball. Kaz says to Ace Squadron to blast some "bucketheads."

Dogfight above Castilon[]

Kaz, Yeager, and the Aces fly into the skies above the Colossus where they meet four TIEs. They manage to shoot down two TIEs. Torra is pleased to see Yeager flying but he says that he wishes it was under better circumstances. As the Aces and First Order engage in a dogfight, Captain Doza activates the Colossus' anti-aircraft cannons, which take down one more TIE. Torra shoots down two more TIEs.

Just then, Major Elrik Vonreg arrives aboard his red TIE Interceptor. He lands a shot on Griff's racer. Griff cries he is hit. Kaz takes out the TIE fighter near Griff's racer and Griff thanks the kid. Freya is unable to shake two "sleemos" but Yeager manages to take them out and another TIE attacking the Colossus.

Kaz is pursued by Major Vonreg and two TIEs. Just then, Kaz spots Kragan Gorr's sail barge Galleon. Kaz panics and narrowly avoids crashing into the Galleon. Synara San orders the pirate gunners to take down the TIEs and they shoot one. Kaz is relieved that Synara has come to help.

Just then, the Fireball is hit from behind by Major Vonreg. Kaz panics as the ship loses control. He tells CB-23 he needs power to the thrusters. As the dogfight continues, four TIEs circle the Colossus, but the air defense system takes one out. Synara tells the gunners to target the TIEs targeting the Colossus and not to let them hit the thrusters. The Aces take out more TIEs.

Escaping the First Order[]

Kaz asks Torra for help but her stabilizers are hit and she says it will take her a few minutes to get airborne. Kaz says he doesn't have a few minutes. However, Yeager says he has got Kaz's back and chases Major Vonreg. Just then, a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer exits hyperspace and begins pummeling the Colossus. Synara asks Kaz what they should do.

He tells everyone to get back to the Colossus because they have to jump to hyperspace. Kaz contacts Neeku, who tells him the hyperdrive is ready to go. Kaz replies he is sending coordinates to D'Qar. Neeku responds that the planet is largely uninhabited and asks if he is sure. Kaz tells Neeku he is sure and to get ready to jump. The starfighters and Galleon dock inside the hangar bays.

Kaz tells Captain Doza to be ready to lock the station down because Neeku got the hyperdrive working. Doza responds that they can't jump until they have cleared the planet's gravity. Yeager and Bucket are being pursued by Major Vonreg. Yeager tells Kaz that any help will be great. Kaz flies the Fireball through the station and shoots at Major Vonreg's Interceptor, destroying it and killing Vonreg. Kaz shouts for joy, and Yeager remarks that that kid can fly. Kaz says he heard that and thanks to Yeager.

Into the unknown[]

Kaz tells Neeku to get them into space so they can jump. Neeku says "right away" and fires up the Colossus' engines. Kaz lands the Fireball in a hangar bay and tells Neeku to get them out of here. As the Colossus reaches the upper atmosphere, the Star Destroyer continues firing. Kaz watches from the hangar as the Colossus jumps to lightspeed.

As the Colossus travels through hyperspace, Captain Doza breathes a sigh of relief while the pirates cheer. Aunt Z grabs and kisses Fazon. Kaz and his friends celebrate in the hangar together. Yeager is proud of Kaz while Torra asks where they are going. He replies they are going to D'Qar, home of the Resistance. Just then, Neeku enters the hangar and hugs Kaz.

Neeku tells Kaz that he did not have time to put in all the coordinates. Kaz asks if they are not going to D'Qar. Neeku responds they will be either close or light years away. Kaz asks if Neeku has no idea where they are going. Neeku makes light of the situation while Kaz reassures them that wherever they are going, most of them are going together. Kaz, Yeager, Torra, Neeku, the pilots, droids, Kel, and Eila watch the hyperspace tunnel.


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  • Created by – Dave Filoni
  • Based on Star Wars created by – George Lucas
  • Developed by – Dave Filoni, Kiri Hart, Carrie Beck
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  • Rights and clearances by – Entertainment Clearances, Inc., Cassandra Barbour, Laura Sevier


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