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"No Place Safe" is the sixteenth episode of the second season of Star Wars Resistance. It premiered on television January 12, 2020 on Disney Channel.[1]

Official description[]

Kaz decides to fully join the Resistance and fight the First Order...but they may have found him first.[3]

Plot summary[]

A tour of the Colossus[]

The episode opens with a shot of krakavora and Ace Squadron racers flying over the beaches of the planet Aeos Prime. The Colossus hovers over the ocean while Bo Keevil and Torra Doza fly circles around the structure in the Yellow Ace and Blue Ace racers.

Meanwhile Captain Imanuel Doza and Jarek Yeager take the Aeosian Queen and two of her guards on a tour of the Colossus marketplace. He hopes that it will be bustling again after they have found a new home. Doza thanks the Queen. Bolza Grool introduces himself to the Aeosian Queen and invites her to taste a gorg. The Queen fingers the gorg and says that it is very kind of him. The Ugnaught vendor watches in the background.

Grevel says that he has never met a Queen before. The Queen remakes that these gorgs grow to be quite large. Grool chuckles while Doza leads the way. Yeager notices Kazuda Xiono gazing on the deck into the sea. Yeager notices Xiono is down and asks why he isn't racing with the other Aces despite it being what he always wanted. Kaz says that he has been thinking about it but says that he can't stay here and sit out the fight. Kaz believes that it is time for him to leave the Colossus. Xiono has a sad look on his face.

Kaz's call of duty[]

Later, Kaz contacts Norath Kev via holoprojector and tells him that he will be leaving shortly to join him. Kev is pleased and tells him to get here within two rotations if possible. He says that they will then rendezvous with the others. Kaz says he will leave right away while Kev says that he will send the coordinates via an encrypted channel. Kev can't wait to see his friend again and says that the Resistance needs all the good pilots they can get.

Following the conversation, Captain Doza chats with Kaz, realizing that he will soon be leaving them. Kaz says that he understands and respects why Doza doesn't want to fight. Kaz adds that his father would prefer that he not get involved in the war but that is not just who he is. Doza responds that he respects that and tells Kaz that he is a good person and wishes him the best of luck. Kaz thanks Doza and says that he wishes that Aeos Prime will be the safe haven that they have been looking for.

Hunt for the Colossus[]

Meanwhile in space, Commander Pyre's Resurgent-class Star Destroyer dispatches several spider probe droids. Pyre tells the bridge officer that he wants an hourly report on whatever they find and that they cannot overlook the smallest detail if they are going to find the Colossus.

In the Star Destroyer's hangar, Tamara Ryvora ("DT-533") is playfully reprimanded by Jace Rucklin for not wearing her helmet. Rucklin says he was joking and asks what she is doing down here. Ryvora says she is going crazy with this waiting and asks when the First Order will let them fly again. Rucklin says that he has heard that the probes are on the hunt and hopes they will turn up something soon.

Rucklin is pleased that the First Order has secured most of the major systems and believes that they are on their way to secure the whole galaxy. He hopes that he and Ryvora can make their mark. Feeling uneasy, Tam replies as long as it gets her back out there.

Farewell to friends[]

Back on the Colossus, Kaz packs his back while CB-23 and Bucket watch. Neeku Vozo is distraught and on his news. Bucket mutters in Binary and rolls away. Kaz tells Neeku that he has to do this and pleads with his friend to understand. Neeku replies that Kaz is his best friend and that he will forever miss him. To comfort Neeku, Kaz gives him his lucky trophy, which he regards as his most prized possession. A tearful Neeku vows to treasure this damaged but symbolic trinket forever. Kaz reassures Neeku that he will be his "bestest" friend forever before the two embrace.

Synara, who has realized that Kaz is leaving, and Torra also come to wish Kaz farewell. Torra is upset that Kaz is taking off and tells him that he is an Ace and Aces stick together. Kaz understands and says that he will miss flying with her. Yeager tells everyone to get out because he needs to speak to Kaz alone. Before leaving, Torra punches Kaz in the chest but says that she will miss him too. Neeku hugs Kaz before leaving the room.

When Yeager asks Kaz if he knows where he is going, Kaz tells him that he will be heading to a rendezvous point near the planet Batuu and adds that he has the coordinates. A sad Yeager tells Kaz that he can take the Fireball much to his delight. Bucket is shocked while Kaz is grateful. Bucket grumbles but Yeager tells the droids to go and blow a servomotor.

Yeager says that the Fireball is old but that if he is good to her, she will be good to him. Kaz thanks Yeager and the two shake hands and embrace. Yeager tells Kaz to keep her save and to watch himself out there. CB-23 beeps and Kaz promises to keep the ship in good hands. Yeager tells Kaz that he has changed a lot since he got here and is not the same kid that came here and is proud of him.

First Order entanglements[]

CB-23 approaches Kaz and the two climb aboard the Fireball. Yeager watches in the hangar before walking away. As he leaves, Kaz sadly watches the Colossus. As they fly into space, he reassures CB that they are making the right decision. They fly past Aeos Prime and its ring but are detected by a probe droid, which trails them.

Before CB-23 can calculate the jump into hyperspace, she spots the First Order probe droid scanning them. The probe droid fires several homing missiles and the Fireball is forced to take evasive action. However, Kaz comes up with the idea of leading the homing missiles back to the probe droid. He charges at the probe droid, which engages in a gun battle. The probe droid is destroyed by the homing missiles but the Fireball also takes damage and begins short-circuiting. CB also loses power.

Despite the destruction of the probe droid, its head manages to send a transmission back to Pyre's Star Destroyer. The bridge officer informs Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny that one of their orbital probes transmitted an image of Kazuda Xiono and the Fireball.

Tierny recognizes Kaz while Pyre deduces that the Colossus is nearby. Tierny remarks that Aeos Prime is home to race of rebel collaborators. Pyre says they should have wiped them out and vows to correct their mistake. He says that they are moving in with full force. Pyre orders the bridge crew to plot a course for the Aeos system and to order the pilots to their fighters. The Star Destroyer jumps into hyperspace.

Warning the Colossus[]

Meanwhile, Kaz is floating in the Aeos system. He recalls Yeager's words that the pilot's best mechanic is himself. Kaz reroutes the emergency power cells to jumpstart his astromech droid. CB-23 comes back to life. He tells the droid that the comlink is fried and that they have to restore power to the thrusters. CB-23 uses her grappling line to leap out of her socket onto the wing.

As the Star Destroyer travels through hyperspace, Ryvora is repairing her TIE fighter when klaxons begin sounding. Rucklin tells her that they need to scramble because the Colossus has been located and they have orders to take it down. Ryvora is shocked but dons her helmet.

CB-23 manages to repair the Fireball's systems, earning Kaz's praise. Kaz decides not to rendezvous with Norath since he fears that the probe droid may have warned the First Order about their location. Kaz decides that they need to warn the others and fires the Fireball's engines.

Back at Yeager's repair station, Yeager, Neeku and Bucket see the Fireball descending and trailing smoke. Kaz manages to land the disabled ship. Neeku is pleased that his best friend has returned and hugs him. When Neeku asks if he forgot his plasma wrench, Kaz apologizes that he has no time but has to warn Captain Doza. Kaz heads to a holoprojector and tells Doza about his encounter with the First Order probe droid while Neeku hugs him. Doza soon finds that their long range scanners have picked up a First Order Star Destroyer.

Dogfight above Aeos Prime[]

The Star Destroyer exits hyperspace and dispatches several TIE fighters and TIE/se Bombers into Aeos Prime. Doza laments that they have spent months trying to find the perfect place for their new home. Xiono apologizes and says that they need to leave. Doza admits that Kaz is right and orders the Aces to scramble their fighters. He also orders 4D-M1N to ready their laser cannons. Yeager allows Kaz to take his ship but tells him to take Bucket as well.

Meanwhile, Captain Doza tells the Aeosian Queen that the First Order has found them and that they have to leave. He tells her that her people need to find cover. The Queen declines because Doza gave them medicine and healers for her people and remind them that there is still light to be found in these "dark times." She says they will help them escape. Captain Doza thanks the Queen.

In the air, Lieutenant Galek orders Rucklin and his TIEs to prevent the Colossus from escaping and to disable it by any means necessary. Rucklin asks Tam if she is with him. After a delay, Tam confirms she is ready as the starfighters descend onto the Colossus.

In response, Hype leads the Aces into combat. He explains that their mission is to hold the TIEs back so that the Colossus can jump. Kaz flies Yeager's racer with Bucket, reassuring the droid that he has gotten the hang of things. Griff Halloran says here they come while Bo Keevil warns that they have bombers incoming. The Aces shoot down several TIEs.

Tam manages to avoid being shot down and spots Yeager's racer. Kaz warns that the bombers are coming. Hype sends Torra and Griff to flank the fighters. The bomber pilot reports that they are ready to deploy their load. 4D warns Captain Doza and Yeager that the deflector shield is weakening from enemy fire.

Before the First Order bomber can return for a second pass, it is attacked by several Aeosian warriors riding a winged krakavora beast. The aliens jump from their steed and pierce the bomber with their vibroblades, causing it to crash into the sea. The warriors also take out a TIE fighter with their javelins. Hype laughs that he loves these new guys. The Aces and their Aeosian allies fight a fierce dogfight against the TIEs.

With the Aeosians holding off the TIEs, Yeager tells Doza that it is time to launch. Doza issues orders to launch. Meanwhile, the Star Destroyer enters Aeos Prime's atmosphere. The bridge officer informs Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny that their fighters are facing heavy losses. Pyre orders their gunners to shoot their engines and take out their hyperdrive. The Star Destroyer begins bombarding the departing Colossus.

Attacking the Star Destroyer[]

Hype tells Kaz that they won't get far with that Star Destroyer attacking. Kaz proposes attacking the Star Destroyer but Hype thinks he is crazy. Torra supports Kaz and says that they should keep the Star Destroyer distracted while the Colossus prepares to jump.

Rucklin informs Tamara that the Aces are taking the Star Destroyer head on. Tam replies that Yeager would not do something that reckless. She realizes that Kaz is piloting the ship. Agent Tierny informs Pyre that the Aces are trying to attack them head on. Pyre dismisses the Aces as pathetic and orders them to intensify forward deflectors and open fire.

The Star Destroyer dispatches more TIEs, which leads Torra to say that they have gotten their attention. She asks what they should do. Kaz tells his fellow pilots to give the Colossus more time. Hype seconds his plan.

Meanwhile, one of the Aeosian Queen's guards tells his Queen that the Colossus has ascended beyond their reach. The Queen says that they have done all they can for them and issues orders for them to retreat below the surface before the First Order returns.

As the Colossus ascends into Aeos Prime's upper atmosphere, 4D reports that shields are at 15 percent. The Aces continue fighting TIEs around the Star Destroyer, shooting down several. Tam pursues Kaz in Yeager's racer and locks on to it. Bucket warns Kaz they are in danger but Kaz is determined to reach the bridge of the Star Destroyer. Kaz fires a missiles which forces Tam to abandon her attack and to take out the missile before it can take out the command bridge.

Bucket grumbles and Kaz says that they almost had their target and that they are dealing with a skilled TIE pilot. Ryvora's TIE is damaged but she manages to land her fighter back in the hangar. Commander Pyre who is watching tells Lieutenant Galek that is an impressive pilot and asks who is that. Galek responds that is DT-533.

Escaping Aeos Prime[]

As the Colossus ascends into space, the Star Destroyer continues its pursuit. 4D-M1N tells Doza and Yeager that shields are at five percent. Doza orders the Aces to return to their mother ship as Hype says finally. After the fighters have returned, Captain Doza takes the Colossus into hyperspace.

Aboard the Star Destroyer, Agent Tierny tells Commander Pyre that General Armitage Hux will not be pleased with his failure. Pyre responds that Hux is not what he is concerned about before walking away, leaving Tierny on the bridge.

Back in the Aces' hangar, Neeku and Yeager approach Kaz. Yeager says he hoped that Kaz enjoyed flying his ship and says that it won't happen again. Bucket beeps in Binary while Neeku says he is sorry that Kaz did not get to meet with his Resistance friends again. Kaz says it is okay and says that he has realized that he is needed most at the Colossus.

Tam's dilemma[]

Kaz tells Yeager that he thinks that he encountered Tam out there and that she was the one who locked on to him during his attack on the Star Destroyer's bridge. Kaz says that if he had not shot that missile, she would have taken him out. Yeager says that he knows that Kaz cares about her and that they all did. However, Tam turned her back on all of them. Yeager understands that Kaz doesn't want to hear the hard truth but says that they are going to have to do the same to her. Kaz sadly agrees with Yeager.

Back aboard the Star Destroyer, Tam rests in her quarters. She is visited by Agent Tierny and Lieutenant Galek. Tierny informs Cadet Pilot DT-533 that they are impressed with her skill and bravery and that she has been promoted to Second Squadron Commander. Tierny congratulates Miss Ryvora before leaving with Galek. Tam salutes her commanding officers.


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  • Created by – Dave Filoni
  • Based on Star Wars created by – George Lucas
  • Developed by – Dave Filoni, Kiri Hart, Carrie Beck
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  • Executive Producer – Dave Filoni
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  • Story Consultant – Steven Melching
  • Star Wars Resistance Theme & Score by – Michael Tavera
  • Original Star Wars Themes & Score by – John Williams
  • Co-producer – Josh Rimes
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  • Rights and clearances by – Entertainment Clearances, Inc., Cassandra Barbour, Laura Sevier


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Notes and references[]

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