"You back off! You're still a criminal—and I'm still the Constable!"
―Noana Sowrs, to Gadon Thek[3]

Constable Noana Sowrs was a Human female who was the top law enforcement officer on the Outer Rim planet of Taris during the Mandalorian Wars. Married with two children, by 3964 BBY Sowrs had ascended to the head of the Taris Civil Authority and was tasked with dealing with a significant swoop gang problem growing in Taris' Lower City. That year, the graduating class at the Upper City's Jedi Tower was massacred, and while Sowrs spearheaded the search for accused killer Zayne Carrick, the former Jedi Padawan ultimately escaped, a development that led to widespread riots and the Jedi being pulled off Taris entirely. Sowrs' two children were kidnapped in the midst of the chaos, but that soon became the least of the Constable's problems, as the Mandalorian warrior clans besieged Taris in the aftermath of the massacre and Sowrs joined a ragtag resistance group led by Senator Haydel Goravvus based in the Lower City.

In the face of withering attacks from the Mandalorians, Sowrs and the Taris Resistance managed to join forces with the powerful swoop gang known as the Hidden Beks, who ingratiated themselves with Sowrs' group by returning her two children. With the combined strength of the Resistance and the Beks, Sowrs helped plan a surprise attack aimed at assassinating top Mandalorian tactician Cassus Fett, but the Resistance found itself outmaneuvered and crushed in a devastating ambush. Sowrs survived the Mandalorian assault and managed to ensure her children's escape from Taris, but was forced to flee into the rakghoul-infested wasteland known as the Undercity—there, Sowrs was ran to ground and infected with the rakghoul plague by a herd of the beasts, before being slain by Jedi Shadow Celeste Morne.


Keeping the peace[]

"The constable's got a plan for the gangs, I tell you."
―Senator Haydel Goravvus[4]

Constable Noana Sowrs during the pursuit of Zayne Carrick.

A native of the planet Taris, Noana Sowrs was a law enforcement officer in the Taris Civil Authority during the era of the Mandalorian Wars. By 3964 BBY,[3] Sowrs had a husband[2] and had two young children, Nahk and Tallie.[3] Sowrs' law enforcement career eventually culminated in her taking the position of Constable, making her the top law enforcement officer on Taris. In her position as Constable, Sowrs had to deal with increasing problems posed by rampant swoop gang activity in the Lower City. At the time, Sowrs had been helping oversee policing activities by the Jedi Padawan class in training at the Jedi Tower in the Upper City, and was quoted in the Taris Holofeed as being hopeful that the apprentices would stay on Taris after they achieved Knighthood to help her keep control of the gangs.[1] Those hopes were dashed when the class was slain in a high-profile massacre at their knighting ceremony—Zayne Carrick, the lone survivor, was blamed as the murderer and, along with Snivvian "accomplice" Marn Hierogryph, became the subject of a massive manhunt. Although Carrick was actually an innocent patsy framed by the real perpetrators—the Masters of the Tower themselves—Constable Sowrs believed the Masters' story and worked with them in the effort to hunt Carrick and Hierogryph down, promising them that they would be found shortly.[5]

Sowrs came through on her promise, tracking Carrick to the Lower City and cornering him and Hierogryph in a desolate trash heap known as Junk Junction. But while Sowrs had them outnumbered and had the power of the Jedi Masters at her side, Carrick and Hierogryph managed to flee in a hidden junk hauler owned by Arkanian Offshoot locals Jarael and Gorman "Camper" Vandrayk, blasting past the police cordon into interstellar space. As Sowrs' patrol cruiser was not spaceworthy, Sowrs had little choice but to call off pursuit of the craft[6] as it reached temporary safety in an asteroid field.[7] Carrick turned himself into bounty hunter Valius Ying a short time later, and was brought back to Taris to face the Jedi Masters amidst a frenzy of media attention and public fury. However, Carrick was rescued from summary execution by Hierogryph, Jarael and Vandrayk and the four fled Taris for good. Carrick's escape destroyed public confidence in the Jedi and in Taris law enforcement, and led to a wave of riots that overwhelmed the Civil Authority. Within three weeks, the riots had reached the Middle City, with rioters kidnapping Sowrs' children. Little remained to stop the lawlessness—half of Sowrs' force had fled, with the other half falling back to the Upper City, and the Jedi Tower Masters were recalled to Coruscant.[8]

Fight or flight[]

"Ironic. I used to keep victims from leaving the Undercity—and now I'm one of them. At least—at least my children will be safe. I can feel the change coming. Please, Jedi—end it now.'"
―Noana Sowrs, in her last moments[2]

Within a few weeks, riots in the Middle City would be the least of Taris' problems. The Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders, who were in the nascent stages of a war for supremacy with the Galactic Republic, took the departure of the Jedi from Taris as a signal to attack,[9] besieging Taris in the first great stab of the Mandalorian Wars. Still searching for her children, Sowrs joined up with a armed resistance led by Senator Haydel Goravvus, which carved out a territory in the Lower City from which it battled the Mandalorian invaders. Although Sowrs quickly became one of Goravvus' top lieutenants, Sowrs actively worked to sever the Resistance's ties with local swoop gangs also fighting the Mandalorians, as she believed that they were responsible for her children's disappearances[10] and she still intended on enforcing Tarisian law despite the circumstances.[3] However, as the Mandalorians continued withering attacks on the Resistance's territory, the swoop gang known as the Hidden Beks made contact with the Resistance—Zayne Carrick's presence with the Bek detachment caused a brief standoff, which was ended when Bek leader Gadon Thek revealed that he had brought Sowrs' two children with them.[3]

Celeste Morne strikes down a mutated Noana Sowrs in the Undercity.

Sowrs joyously reunited with Nahk and Tallie, a moment that according to Thek, had been brought about by Carrick,[3] who had returned to Taris to link back up with his old friend Marn Hierogryph—in truth, they had been kidnapped for ransom by one his top lieutenants, Brejik, explicitly against his orders.[10] Thek brought the children to the Resistance base in a police speeder that was also Sowrs', and had been stolen during the riots. It was Thek's way of ingratiating himself with the Resistance and protect Carrick from Raana Tey, one of the Jedi Tower Masters who was also working with the Resistance, and Sowrs decided to put aside her mistrust of the swoop gangs and follow Goravvus' lead when he decided to join forces with the Beks. After the reunion, Sowrs, Goravvus and Thek learned that top Mandalorian strategist Cassus Fett had arrived on Taris to personally oversee the siege effort, and called together a meeting of the Resistance and the Beks to form a plan to seize the opportunity and assassinate Fett. Sowrs presented the layout of the Jedi Tower, where Fett had set up operations, and together they outlined a mission where a small strike team, including Thek and Carrick, would scope out the Tower and then detonate the building with explosives if Fett was found to still be in the building.[3]

Carrick's reconnaissance trip found that Fett had flown the coop, and the Mandalorians instead hit first, striking the Resistance's base with a crippling surprise attack. Sowrs survived the initial strike, and in the chaos of the aftermath, paid Ithorian bounty hunter Del Moomo to fly Nahk and Tallie back to his ship, the Moomo Williwaw, and from there back to her husband[2] on Alderaan[11] away from the war. There was only one spot left on Moomo's shuttle—although the spot was offered to Senator Goravvus, he refused to leave Taris behind, and Sowrs refused to leave him. Instead, Sowrs sent Resistance operative Shel Jelavan along to keep watch of her children, as Sowrs bid them goodbye and retreated from the Mandalorian ambush. The Mandalorian attack was merciless, and forced Sowrs and the remaining Resistance survivors into the rakghoul-ridden wasteland known as the Undercity. Isolated and armed only with a blaster, Sowrs tried to survive in the Undercity, but was eventually hunted down by a large herd of rakghouls which trapped her in a dark corner of the Undercity. A Jedi operative named Celeste Morne happened by and managed to save Sowrs from the rakghouls, only to notice that Sowrs had been bitten, and thus had the rakghoul plague and would transform into one of the beasts within moments. Taking what peace she could from the fact that her children were safe, Sowrs pleaded to Morne to end her life before she changed, but Morne waited until she mutated into a rakghoul to strike her down.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"I was getting somewhere, too, until the Constable showed up. Her family's been missing for weeks—and she blames all of us."
―Gadon Thek[10]

An unforgiving and no-nonsense lawman, Noana Sowrs' goal on Taris was singular: to keep the peace and apprehend criminals. It was because of this that she held a tremendous distrust of the swoop gangs that inhabited the Lower City, as she had recurring trouble trying to keep them in line[3] and ultimately—and, as it turned out, correctly—blamed them for the disappearance of her two children.[10] Sowrs had every intention of continuing to enforce Tarisian law even as the Mandalorians besieged the planet, and continued to view Gadon Thek and his ilk as criminals even as they fought to free Taris from the invaders.[3] Aside from being the Constable, Sowrs was also a committed mother who did what she could to ensure her children's safety after recovering them from the Hidden Beks. However, her commitment to Senator Goravvus and his Resistance superseded her need to stay by their side, as she refused to leave him behind on Taris after the Mandalorian ambush and instead sent her children away from the planet with Shel Jelavan. Despite having to separate from her children, Sowrs took peace in the fact that they were safe away from the war, and her last thoughts before her death were of comfort at their security. Sowrs had brown hair, brown eyes and light skin.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Noana Sowrs was first introduced in The Taris Holofeed: Prime Edition,[1] and made her first in-person appearance in Knights of the Old Republic 3, the third issue in the Knights of the Old Republic comic series, written by John Jackson Miller and released in 2007.[6] Sowrs' later reappeared in Knights of the Old Republic 23[3] and Knights of the Old Republic 25—the latter issue featured the first use of her first name, and her death.[2] In her three appearances in the Knights of the Old Republic series, Sowrs was illustrated by three different artists: Brian Ching,[6] Dustin Weaver[3] and Scott Hepburn.[2]


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