Nod Kartha was a desolate, rocky world in the Karthakk system.


It was the site of a Separatist laboratory producing the illegal chemical weapon trihexalon, prior to the Clone Wars. The planet was heavily defended by orbital defense cannons and powerful deflector shield systems.

The defense system was compromised by the pirate forces of Nym, following the Hex attack on Maramere. Aided by Mere cruisers, Nym punched a hole through the orbital defenses, and staged an assault on the Hex factory planetside. The facility was destroyed by Nym and the Lok Revenants, halting production of Hex weapons for Cavik Toth's mercenaries. Fleeing Nod Kartha, Nym's forces were engaged by Lieutenant Bella and her task force, though were able to recover a damaged orbital defense cannon and escape into hyperspace, decimating the Reaver in the process.

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