The Noetikon of Secrets was a Jedi artifact treasured by the Jedi Order by the time of the Great Galactic War. It was one of a number Noetikons that were interactive Holocrons that contained the holographic personalities, wisdom and knowledge of three Jedi Masters. Used together, the Noetikons could sort through the thousands of years of collective wisdom of the Temple Archives and retrieve relevant data and records for review by Jedi. At some point, it was imprinted with the personality of Masters that had fallen to the dark side of the Force but had returned to the light side. These included Masters Jesper Altax, Bastila Shan and Chamma who were privy to certain secret knowledge of the Jedi Order. Out of the three Noetikons, it was considered the most dangerous due to the knowledge it contained within it, though the relic was not dark in itself.

After the Sacking of Coruscant, the Jedi Temple itself was destroyed and left in ruin that deprived the Order access to some of its treasured knowledge. In this time, a criminal gang on Coruscant known as the Justicars stole the artifact. During the Cold War, a young Jedi Consular sought information on a mysterious Force sickness that had infected Master Yuon Par. This Consular was sent on a quest to seek the Noetikons but was unable to learn of a cure from either the Noetikon of Science or the Noetikon of Light. However, the latter urged the Jedi Consular to seek the Noetikon of Secrets for a possible answer to the sickness.

At this time, the Justicar Lars Baddeg had it in his possession and seemingly provided it to the Consular. However, upon activation, the Jedi and Qyzen Fess were dragged into the machine where they encountered the Master of Questions. After defeating the test, the Consular managed to access the Noetikon which provided the source of the sickness that infected Master Par. The masters suggested an ancient healing ritual learned in a terminal at the Jedi Temple that was able to defeat the Force illness.

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