"I watched them destroy entire cities just to make a point. I watched them load intelligent beings into freighters with almost no life support and ship them off to who knows where… I held my tongue, but I'm not like that."
―Nogdra on his reasons for defecting[src]

Nogdra was a captain in the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War, who later defected to the Rebel Alliance.


Nogdra grew up in the Core Worlds, surrounded by people of many different species. After joining the Imperial Navy, he served aboard a Star Destroyer, and witnessed the Empire commit many atrocities, destroying cities in order to make a point and loading prisoners into freighters with little life support. He found the Empire's actions appalling, and after he was placed in command of the Corellian Corvette Bixby, he and his crew decided to defect.

Bixby was guarding a convoy intended to supply Operation Strike Fear, when Rebel starfighters from Blue Squadron near the Dellalt system showed up for a hit-and-fade skirmish against the convoy. Bixby, however, found the opportunity and informed them of their intention to join the Rebellion. The Alliance dispatched the transport Dagger to dock with the corvette and transfer an Alliance team to secure the ship.

Nogdra offered his services as a captain to the Rebels and also informed them that Dellalt system was being used as a staging point for a major Imperial operation, Operation Strike Fear. This information was later confirmed by Lieutenant Keyan Farlander during a reconnaissance mission in a lone R-22 Spearhead.

Behind the scenesEdit

Nogdra seems an anagram of the word 'Dragon'. Although the name is not mentioned inside the game, anagrams of real-world words and names are frequent in the Star Wars: X-Wing game.



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