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"The Noghri are said to be fearsome warriors. With those sharp teeth and claws I don't doubt it!"
An artist, in his journal[src]

The Noghri were a sentient species native to Honoghr. They had gray skin, a row of horns on their head and ran on all fours. Noghri were known for their combat skills and keen sense of smell.

Biology and appearance[]

"It's a lot like a Sinrich optical dephaser, but it's got a totally different design. Looks like it's limited to three minutes on a charge, doesn't work on humans— needs a Noghri's double-layer skin conductivity or something— and doesn't cover any added stuff one it's been activated."
―Sergeant Drav notes Noghri double-layer skin conductivity[src]

Rukh, Grand Admiral Thrawn's assassin

The Noghri were humanoid in shape, with a torso, a single head, two arms and two legs. Entirely hairless and wiry, they had gray skin and a row of short horns atop their heads. Their hands and feet each possessed four long digits.[2] Although they stood upright, walking with a simian gait, the Noghri ran on all fours and were capable of leaping great heights and jumping long distances. They were also gifted with a keen sense of smell.[4]

Noghri in the galaxy[]

One Noghri was present on Wecacoe when Captain Cassian Andor traveled there to extract Imperial security protocols.[5] Rukh was a male Noghri assassin who often worked for Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn.[6] Because of their strong sense of smell and advanced combat skills, Noghri were often employed as trackers and assassins.[3]

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