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"Oh, yes, Noghri—I know what you and your people are. The Emperor's private Death Commandos; killing and dying at the whim of ambitious men like Darth Vader and the Grand Admiral here."
Joruus C'baoth[1]

The Noghri Death Commandos were Noghri commandos that served as personal bodyguards for Leia Organa Solo and her family under the New Republic and the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.

First formed as special forces in the Imperial Army placed at the disposal of high-placed officials of the Galactic Empire, such as Supreme Commander Darth Vader or Grand Admiral Thrawn. Their main tasks were the abduction and assassination of Rebel Alliance personnel or the rescue of imprisoned Imperial officials.


"Lord Vader has turned over to me command of a group of alien commandos who have proven themselves highly valuable to him over the years. While I won't have much use for them in the Unknown Regions, I have no doubt I'll eventually be returning to the Empire proper. At that time—well, we shall see what they can do."
Grand Admiral Thrawn, to Captain Niriz[3]

A trio of Noghri Death Commandos

Noghri Death Commandos were first at the beck and call of the Imperial Military's Supreme Commander,[2] Darth Vader, whom they regarded as the savior of their race. Their affiliation with Palpatine's apprentice soon earned them notoriety as the Emperor's private Death Commandos.[1]

Lord Vader also gave a squad of Noghri Death Commandos to Inquisitor Valin Draco, as a favor for helping him interroge Halagad Ventor. Draco's Noghri were later killed by agents of the Alderaanian Resistance, while on a mission to the Almas Academy.

Following Thrawn's assisting of Darth Vader against Xizor's criminal syndicate known as the Black Sun, the Dark Lord of the Sith rewarded the Grand Admiral by relinquishing command of the Noghri Death Commandos to him.[4]

After the death of Vader, the Noghri Death Commandos, along with the rest of the Noghri people, continued to serve the Empire, specifically Thrawn's forces. When the Grand Admiral targeted Leia Organa Solo for assassination, the Noghri Death Commandos partook in many attempts on her life. When the Princess revealed the Empire's treachery, the outraged Noghri turned against their former masters. Instead of seeking to take Leia's life, they acted as her loyal bodyguards, and it was essentially impossible to have them leave their mistress's side. A number of them were slain defending the lives of her and her family throughout the years of the New Republic and into the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.


They used either the standard issue that was the E-11 blaster rifle, as well as the T-21 light repeating blaster or a slugthrower during their service. Some could use vibroblades, spray sticks, and knives to complete their work. It was rumored that they used Nightstinger sporting blaster rifles during their collaboration with the Empire.


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