"Now we serve one Overclan only."

A Noghri Overclan was an organization that ruled over the lives of the Noghri, an alien race from the planet Honoghr. The Noghri were a clan-based species that lived in hierarchically-structured tribes, and the Noghri Overclan was the overarching clan that they served. From the conclusion of the Clone Wars in 19 BBY to the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn in 9 ABY, the Noghri considered the Galactic Empire to be their Overclan out of gratitude for the Empire's alleged actions in restoring Honoghr's ecosystem, which was being ravaged by an ecological disaster.[1][2] To defame the honor of the lord of the Noghri Overclan was an offense punishable by death,[1] and those accused of treason against the Overclan were given over to the Noghri clan dynasts for judgment under the ancient rules of the species.[2]



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