"Go now, Noirah Na. Make a new life for yourself. Find a purpose that makes you happy, or build a family. But go."
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Noirah Na was a female Human Jedi Padawan who was trained by Master Simms and wielded a blue lightsaber during the Clone Wars.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life and the Clone Wars[edit | edit source]

Na atop a motmot during the Battle of Toola

A Force-sensitive, Noirah Na was taken as a Padawan by Master Simms. During her apprenticeship, the Clone Wars broke out across the galaxy, and Na was made a Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic, fighting against the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

In 19 BBY, around the time of the Battle of Coruscant, Simms and Na joined Jedi Master Kai Hudorra on the planet Toola, where for weeks they attempted to thwart the Separatist occupation. Leading a group of clone troopers atop motmots in battle to destroy the main generators of the invaders, the Jedi used a diversionary tactic, managing to destroy the generators and defeat the droids. Their victory was short-lived however, as immediately following the battle, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine issued Order 66, which deemed the Jedi as enemies of the Republic.

Order 66[edit | edit source]

"What we are going to do is make certain your Master did not sacrifice her life in vain. We are going to survive."
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Na and Hudorra witness Master Simms death during the execution of Order 66.

Sheltered by the wrecked wall of the Separatist base, Na was held back by Master Hudorra as Simms stood upon the ruined battlement and deflected the clones' blaster fire with her lightsaber. Na and Hudorra fled the scene on STAPs as Simms fell to the troopers' fire. Making it a great distance across the glaciers of Toola, one of the STAPs ran out of fuel, forcing the two Jedi to make their way on foot to Ithaqua Station. Unknown to Na and Hudorra, their former ally Commander Keller was in pursuit, and after discovering the abandoned STAPs, he commed the garrison in Ithaqua to prepare to intercept the two fugitives.

Some time later, the two Jedi found themselves on a dock in the outskirts of Ithaqua. With clone troopers guarding the port, Hudorra recommended that they go underneath the town to avoid detection, and the two plunged into the freezing waters. Swimming beneath a warehouse, Hudorra cut his way through the floor using his lightsaber, and the pair emerged, cold but safe. Na asked Hudorra why the clones would turn on them and kill her Master, but the old Bothan had no answers for her. Instead, he reminded her that Simms had died for them, and that they must survive above all else. He searched through some of the crates in the warehouse and finally found a large warm blanket, ordering Na to strip out of her wet clothes and wrap herself in the fur. The two then rested for a brief time before Hudorra figured out what to do next.

Na and Hudorra discover the terrible state of the Jedi Temple

Later that day, Hudorra left Na alone so that he could gather credits, buy supplies, and gain information in the town's market. He was also able to book passage aboard a freighter heading toward the Core Worlds. While he was gone, Na opened up many of the other crates in the warehouse, searching for something to eat. While unable to find food, she did locate several heating units, and began to dry out their Jedi robes. When Hudorra returned however, he was greatly displeased, and called Na foolish. Noting that Jedi robes would cause them to be caught instantly, he discarded the robes into the water beneath the hole he had cut earlier, and instructed Na to dress in the new clothing he had bought. Na was downcast, and Hudorra softened, remarking that it must have been a long time since she had eaten. Na searched through the packages Hudorra had purchased, and was shocked to find not only blasters, but a slave tunic meant for a boy. Hudorra then pulled a knife out hacked off Na's hair, making her appear as if she was a male.

Knowing that the nighttime temperatures of Toola would drive even the clone troopers indoors, Hudorra had the two of them make their move in the dead of night. Unable to take the lift to the local spaceport, due to Keller's search, the pair had to climb hundreds of meters of ladder instead. By the time they reached the top, dawn had arrived to the town, and the spaceport thrummed with activity. In order to keep up the ruse he had created, Hudorra forced Na to carry all their luggage as if she was truly a slave. Though stopped at boarding by a clone trooper, Hudorra made a fuss about being forced to pay for the "boy", and the trooper allowed the two aboard.

The Dark Times[edit | edit source]

"I warn you again, Padawan, resist your training. It will not serve you well in these dark times."
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Na cries as she is told her life as a Jedi is over

Over the course of the journey to Coruscant, Hudorra cautioned Na on how to alter her behavior to avoid detection during the dark times they now found themselves in. He told her to abandon the ways of thinking and fighting that she had been taught, and to instead flee in the face of danger, or use her blaster instead. After docking on Coruscant, the pair made their way to the Temple Precinct, where they soon came upon the ruined Jedi Temple and the enormous pile of dead Jedi burning on the Temple's steps. Na cried out in shock, and both Jedi recoiled, hidden by the crowd amassed around the entrance. Those in the crowd remarked on the turn of events, with some believing the Emperor's lies about the Jedi and others in disbelief.

Suddenly, a fellow Jedi, still wearing his Jedi robes, emerged from the crowd and began to speak. He extolled both the Jedi in the crowd, whom he knew to be watching, and the civilians to join him in striking a blow against the fledgling Empire. Na began to draw her lightsaber, but Hudorra placed his hand upon hers and restrained her. Other Jedi in the crowd—among them, Koffi Arana, Dass Jennir, and Shadday Potkin—also stayed their hands. The Jedi charged up the steps of the Temple, engaging the troopers head-on. Though he was able to deflect more than a few bolts from their blasters and bisected one of the clones, they quickly overwhelmed and killed him, and his body was dragged onto the pile of burning corpses.

Na began to cry, and told Hudorra that they should have helped him. The Bothan in turn told her to be quiet and ushered her away from the scene, now knowing that returning to the Temple had been a mistake. Though Hudorra, like the recently-killed Jedi, was able to sense the other Jedi in the crowd, Na was not, and she believed that she and Hudorra may be the last two alive. Hudorra did not correct her, instead ordering her to give him her lightsaber. She did so, and he immediately threw both of their weapons down a nearby garbage chute. He once more told her that the only thing to focus on now was survival and that she had to forget everything she knew about the Jedi Order and the Force. Na burst into tears as Hudorra told her that she was no longer a Jedi. He sought to console her a bit, holding her shoulders and telling her that the future of the Order relied on their ability to remain hidden, for however long it might take. He gave her all the credits he had been able to obtain on Toola and sent her away. Still distraught, Na began to utter a final objection, but at Hudorra's urging she turned away and disappeared into the crowds.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

In one panel of Into the Unknown, she is mistakenly given blue eyes, while they are brown in all other panels.

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